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Gemstone Well energy medicine expert Audrey Christie provides in-depth knowledge about gem water elixir, it’s healing properties, the meanings and practices to achieve a specific intention. Here is a list of videos that you can find on this page. Video 1 - Introduction About The Stone Of Love - Rose Quartz Video 2 - What Is Rose Quartz Used For? Video 3 - Rose Quartz Healing Properties: What Are They? Video 4 - Rose Quartz and Meditation Video 5 - How To Make Rose Quartz Elixir With Rose Quartz Tumbles Stones Video 6 - How...

In this training lesson, Energy Medicine Specialist, Audrey Christie, starts our chakra series by taking a deep dive into the root chakra.     You will learn indications it is over or under active as well as what crystals (and a few other holistic solutions) can be used to balance.    


If you have ever been intrigued by the healing qualities of crystals, you’ll be astonished to know, water can interact with such crystals to garner the benefits of their healing features. This type of water is called gem water or crystal elixir. This method has been around for thousands of years. Gems, crystals and stones are known to radiate energy and vibrations into their surroundings. There is a large range of crystals with contrasting characteristics that can positively impact you in numerous ways. Reduced anxiety, calmness, increased self-confidence and health...

In this interactive presentation, Audrey shares with you ways to shift your energy towards positivity and enhance your vibration with multiple methods utilizing crystal allies.

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