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Rose Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties And What Is It Used For?

Ready to dive deep and discover all you need to know (and all you ever wanted to know) about rose quartz? Today, Gemstone Well energy medicine expert, Audrey Christie is providing you with the in-depth about rose quartz, its meanings, uses, correspondences, and even some science about how it helps your human suit. If you love rose quartz, be sure and watch the videos too featuring many specimens of raw rose quartz.

What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz crystal is one of the most common crystals but also one of the most powerful. It’s really good that it’s so common because that means its not often faked. About 12% of the earth’s crust is made up of rose quartz crystal. Its the 2nd most abundant mineral on earth!

Rose Quartz’s hardness is 7 on the MOHS hardness scale.Meaning this pretty pink crystal is one of the toughest substances on the planet (and in the planet too). Rose quartz is as you may guess by the name - a member of the quartz family. It's a silicon dioxide sometimes also called silica and interestingly silica plays a key role in the functioning of the human body. In fact, there is no life without silica because it is responsible for getting the minerals from your bloodstream into your bones and organs. Most humans aren't having the issue of getting enough minerals although that can be the case most often we see humans have the issue of not being able to use the minerals they take in. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are deficient in silica it just might mean that it needs to remember how to work. Having your minerals balanced appropriately makes everything work better from a conventional Newtonian standpoint as well as from an energetic energetic standpoint. Having your minerals balance also helps your energy work to last longer. 

Unlike clear quartz, rose quartz grows in clusters generally instead of in points.

Natural rose quartz stone can be opaque all the way to completely translucent and can be any shade from the lightest pink to almost a rose-red color. How rose quartz gets it’s color has only recently been proven and is still not completely understood. It was thought to be from impurities in the quartz, like titanium, colloidal gold, aluminum, phosphorus, or manganese. But new methods have indicated its more likely due to microscopic mineral fibers woven throughout the rose quartz crystal structure.

How Much Is Rose Quartz Worth?

Rose quartz value is the highest of all the crystals and stones because it is so common. But don’t worry, the value of rose quartz isn’t in the dollars it will fetch but in its properties and meanings that we will discuss throughout this article.

rose quartz associations

Where Is Rose Quartz Found?

Pink rose quartz is found in the Earth’s crust. It is a variety of clear quartz and closely related to Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine, Phantom Quartz, Rock Crystal, and Smoky Quartz, just to name a few.

Most rose quartz is mined in Brazil, South Africa, South Dakota (U.S.), India, and Madagascar, Namibia, Mozambique, and Sri Lanka. Its normally found in the cores of larger stones as solid masses of rose quartz and generally, it has poorly formed boundaries, unlike some of its quartz cousins.

Here is a list of videos that you can find if you wish to skip to a specific question.

Video 1 - Introduction About The Stone Of Love - Rose Quartz

Video 2 - What Is Rose Quartz Used For?

Video 3 - Rose Quartz Healing Properties: What Are They?

Video 4 - Rose Quartz and Meditation

Video 5 - How To Make Rose Quartz Elixir With Rose Quartz Tumbles Stones

Video 6 - How To Treat Psoriasis With Rose Quartz

Video 7 - Use Rose Quartz To Make A Great Moisturizer

Video 8 - One Of My Favorite Ways To Use Rose Quartz Crystals

Video 9 - Audrey’s Most Favorite Way To Use Rose Quartz Crystal Around The House

Video 10 - Do You Need To Retire Your Rose Quartz Crystals?

Video 11 - How To Use Rose Quartz Crystals On Pets?

Video 12 - Does Rose Quartz And Amethyst Crystals Fade Over Time?

Video 13 - Simple Recipe To Make Your Own Moisturizer With Rose Quartz Gems

 Video 14 - Should You Program Crystals Before Making An Elixir

Video 15 - What Is Audrey’s Opinion on Cleaning Or Cleansing Rose Quartz Crystals?


Rose Quartz Meaning: What Does Rose Quartz Mean?

Video 1 - Introduction About The Stone Of Love - Rose Quartz (2.30min)

When you think of rose quartz, know that it corresponds with all things heart chakra. Love, empathy and emotional healing are generally well-known correspondences of and definitions of rose quartz meaning.

Rose Quartz is THE stone of love and compassion. This includes love for oneself, life, life partner, children, family, friends, mama earth, community.

Rose quartz is also a go-to for heart, circulation, getting blood to the tissues, fertility, and skin issues almost every issue can be traced back to a mineral deficiency so rose quartz can potential be supportive for all body systems.


Rose Quartz Properties: What Is Rose Quartz Used For?

Video 2 - What Is Rose Quartz Used For? (39 secs)

Rose quartz has so many functions - physically it helps to support the heart, lungs, circulation, and getting the nutrients into the cells that help to support those organs. It’s also used for fertility issues and skin issues, and immune support, and did I mention...it’s the stone of universal love?

On an energetic level, rose quartz helps you to receive love. And not “put a spell on you” love but helps you to open up to be a love magnet.

What does rose quartz attract?

One of the many rose quartz benefits is that it attracts an abundance of universal love, whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s healing your heart chakra, maybe its to help you find the perfect partner, maybe it’s just to illuminate dark parts of your life with a little love.


Rose Quartz Healing Properties (Including Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties)

Video 3 - Rose Quartz Healing Properties: What Are They? (2.22mins)

You probably have heard of rose quartz as the “stone of love” but one of the not often recognized uses for it is for stress release.

Yes, rose quartz is a must-have if you are stressed or lacking empathy because it is really great for the RELEASE of STRESS. And if you think about it, when we feel “out of love” for others it can really be akin to the stress or perceived stress they cause us. So maybe its the same - if we are seeing the love in everything - we aren’t stressed, right?

As you likely know - mental, emotional, energetic stress has a physical effect on our bodies all the way down to the cellular and genetic level. Medical science has shown us that stress actually changes our DNA in a way that is carried or imprinted for many generations down the line. So if you are stressed, then this should be a priority to shift.

What does Rose Quartz do?

Some would consider rose quartz to have magical properties - call them what you will but the mystical rose quartz magical properties are well backed by scientific and specifically physics principles.

Why is Rose Quartz so powerful?

Rose quartz is primarily silica. Silica, for example, silica is present in our human suits. And in fact, we can’t live without it. Sure you can use this as the reason you need to go crystal shopping again and snag that latest stash of rose quartz crystals, but truly silica is vital for almost every function in the body.

Additionally, you can look at the frequency of rose quartz expressed through its color. This helps to resonate with particular energy centers throughout your body, making rose quartz a powerful stone for you energetically too.

How to Use Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz has so many uses! Including rose quartz meditation, gem elixirs, and supports the treatment of physical ailments.


How To Use Rose Quartz For Meditation

Video 4 - Rose Quartz and Meditation (1.30min)

The benefits of meditation are far-reaching when you add the benefits rose quartz bring into the meditation mix, you have a winning combination. Rose quartz meditation can amp up the stress reduction and healing work of regular mediation.

If you sit upright for meditation, I recommend holding it in your left hand or if it’s a big piece - holding it so that both hands are touching it. Meditation is one of those things that is beneficial and important for ALL beings in modern society.

If you don’t think you can meditate, its not that meditation that isn’t right for you, its that you haven’t found the right meditation. Incorporating a rose quartz crystal could be just what you need to get your meditation practice on track.

Rose quartz can be helpful in any type of meditation. And it doesn’t have to be on a tassled pillow in a quiet room. One of my favorite ways to use it is in a 1 min meditation (this one is great for kiddos too).

Hold the rose quartz in your Left hand - and close your eyes (unless you are in a sitch that you can’t and then you don’t have to in order to get the benefit) and then with your right hand, touch each fingertip to our thumb as you say - peace begins with me - while breathing in and out.


How To Make A Rose Quartz Gem Elixir?

Video 5 - How To Make Rose Quartz Elixir With Rose Quartz Tumbles Stones (1.39min)

Don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy rose quartz water bottle to enjoy to the benefits of a rose quartz gem elixir, in fact, I don’t recommend buying a 'bottle of love' that has a permanent rose quartz attached to it.

As I discussed here in the gem elixirs information, you can leave a lasting vibratory imprint from a crystal into water and then use that water for healing properties aka structured water benefits.

While technically, you can create this using the direct method (crystal directly in the water) or the indirect method, I recommend that you avoid any possible toxins and use the indirect method. You can DIY it or create a batch on the go of delish rose quartz gem water in the Elixir2Go.


How To Help Psoriasis With Rose Quartz

Video 6 - How To Treat Psoriasis With Rose Quartz (36 secs)

There are numerous ways to support the skin with rose quartz, not just drinking rose quartz gem elixirs. One way is by making a giant crystal elixir and getting in it - in other words - a rose quartz bath!

Simply run your bath water and add crystals! Soothes energetically and physically.


How To Make Rose Quartz Lotion

Video 7 - Use Rose Quartz To Make A Great Moisturizer (30 secs)

Another great way to show your human suit some love, is to add rose quartz to your moisturizer. This is more complicated than adding a few to your lotion bottle. I recommend crafting your perfect recipe with a liquid plant oil, like grapeseed oil, and dropping a crystal in the bottle with you essential oils and carrier.


What Is Rose Quartz Used For?

Video 8 - One Of My Favorite Ways To Use Rose Quartz Crystals (1.30min)

We have covered tons of ways to use rose quartz - here are a couple of my favorite uses for this awesome stone. These techniques are simple and sustainable - because you can set them up and forget about them while the crystals do the heavy lifting.


Most Favorite Way To Use

Video 9 - Audrey’s Most Favorite Way To Use Rose Quartz Crystal Around The House (1.39min)

Rose quartz can be used to creating a calming and sacred space after a long day. My favorite thing to do is place rose quartz at the stopping point in my home. You probably have a stopping point, its where everyone throws their keys, wallets, backpacks, purses, shoes, etc as they enter or grab then as the exit. All you do is place a piece of rose quartz there and it works like an energetic drive-thru car wash. This helps to flips the switch to love from whatever they were dealing with during their day.

Another good way to set it and forget it is to place rose quartz under pillow for a restful nights sleep.

Sometimes when using your rose quartz often, it may be necessary to retire it. It might crack or break or develop dark lines or even change colors. This can happen when they absorb big energetic issues.


 Do Rose Quartz Crystals Ever Stop Working?

Video 10 - Do You Need To Retire Your Rose Quartz Crystals? (1.00min)

You can retire your gemstones as you feel fit. You can bury them, put them in a body of water, or even just store them away. I have seen some stones return or “heal” themselves after being retired for some time.


How To Use Rose Quartz Crystals On Pets?

Video 11 - How To Use Rose Quartz Crystals On Pets? (4.07min)

Rose quartz is generally safe to use on pets, and because they are so close to the earth and the earth is full of rose quartz they tend to really enjoy working with the crystal.

A couple of my favorite techniques include:

Place a rose quartz crystal or stone in your pet’s bed! You can put them in a pouch if you'd like. Position the stones so that they are comfortable. If the crystal energy is too intense, your pet won't want to rest in their bed. If your pet likes the crystals, you should see an improvement within a few days.

You can help them by holding the crystal or stone in your hand. Starting a few inches away from the affected area, rotate the crystal clock-wise. Go slowly, breathing gently and evenly. Animals express their feelings with movement, so watch to see if your pet wants more or tries to move away.


Does Rose Quartz Fade Over Time?

Video 12 - Does Rose Quartz And Amethyst Crystals Fade Over Time?


Video 13 - Simple Recipe To Make Your Own Moisturizer With Rose Quartz Gems (54 secs)


How to Charge Rose Quartz?

Video 14 - Should You Program Crystals Before Making An Elixir (41 secs)

Sometimes “charge rose quartz” is used interchangeably with “programing rose quartz”


How to Cleanse Rose Quartz

Video 15 - What Is Audrey’s Opinion on Cleaning Or Cleansing Rose Quartz Crystals? (2.02min)

There are lots of fun ways to cleanse and clear and charge crystals in general and even rose quartz. Know this as beautiful elaborate as some of these practices and rituals are if we take a scientific approach the way to cleanse a crystal vibrationally is with sound.

If you want to clean a crystal which is different than energetic cleansing but clean a physically dirty Crystal than soap and water for rose quartz because of its Mohs hardness will do just fine.

To wrap this all up, rose quartz is one of the most versatile stones available for your use to support your healing efforts, to amp up the energy in your house, and to help you release the stress that you need to achieve a restful night's sleep. No matter what method of working with rose quartz that you choose you will be on the right track to improving your energetic field.



Can you put rose quartz under pillows?

Yes! It is highly recommended to put rose quartz under pillows, and in pet beds, and maybe even under your bed it if is too distracting to be under your pillow. Your nightstand will work too!

Is Rose Quartz a pink diamond? Or Is a pink diamond a rose quartz?

No, they are different minerals, although top rose quartz specimens often referred to as “rose quartz gems” or “rose quartz gemstones” are graded by the same cut, clarity, color, and carat as pink diamonds. True pink diamonds are very rare and are currently only found in a small percentage in a single mine in Australia. Most pink diamonds commercially available today are lab-grown, neither true pink diamond nor rose quartz.

What is rose quartz good for?

rose quartz crystal gridIf you simply look at rose quartz and feel a little better - then it has done its job! Defiantly check out the first couple of videos above for some really great rose quartz uses on exactly what this universal stone of love, the rose quartz is good for.

Where to buy rose quartz?

While there are some instances of lab-grown rose quartz, most of the time, rose quartz is rarely faked and is readily available at most crystal shops and providers. At Gemstone Well we offer high quality rose quartz in the form of gem elixir bottles, our individual crystal packs, our pet bowls which also double as human balls, and our crystal grid kits. Ever wanted to know how to activate a crystal grid?

How tall is Rose Quartz?

It's a funny question, but people ask how tall is rose quartz. Unlike some of its quartz cousins, rose quartz actually grows in a macrocrystalline structure meaning it's more like a pink rock. It doesn't grow in the big points like you see Amethyst and clear quartz and even citrine growing. So the answer to that question, is that rose quartz is not particularly tall. At least not in the traditional sense.

Our rose quartz with crystals inside has been voted the best crystal water bottle by Buzzfeed recently. Check it out.


Have you enjoyed our education?

Make sure to check out our range of rose quartz in water items we sell below.  The rose quartz and clear quartz Elixir2Go crystal water bottle is our second most popular gem water bottle.  (after the Amethyst water bottle).  You're able to swap your crystals with ease in our gem water bottles of crystal.  Most customers buy an additional loose tumbled gemstone set or add the do LOVE crystal grid kit to attract romance back into their life.  You might want to raise your vibe in the bedroom.  If that's the case, check our energy crystal points that include a rose crystal wand.

gemstone well rose quartz collection

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