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Gem Water Uses, Meanings And Facts

If you have ever been intrigued by the healing qualities of crystals, you’ll be astonished to know, water can interact with such crystals to garner the benefits of their healing features. This type of water is called gem water or crystal elixir.

This method has been around for thousands of years. Gems, crystals and stones are known to radiate energy and vibrations into their surroundings. There is a large range of crystals with contrasting characteristics that can positively impact you in numerous ways. Reduced anxiety, calmness, increased self-confidence and health benefits are just a few of the well-known benefits drawn from gem water. However, it is important to point out that not all stones carry these benefits, some contain harmful materials, which is why water shouldn’t come in direct contact with the crystal.

Energy medicine expert Audrey Christie provides in-depth knowledge about gem water elixir also known as crystal water, it’s healing properties, the meanings and practices to achieve a specific intention.

Here is a list of videos that you can find on this page.

Video 1 - Difference Between An Essence And An Elixir

Video 2 - How Do Gem Elixirs Work

Video 3 - How To Make Elixirs

Video 4 - Safety Precautions When Making Elixirs

Video 5 - Stones To Choose When Making Elixirs

Video 6 - Favorite Gem Elixir Combinations

Video 7 - Should You Put Water In The Bottom Chamber Of Your Water Bottle?

Video 8 - Best Book To Learn About Stones And Crystals

Video 9 - Using Flavored Water In Your Energy Bottle

Video 10 - Favorite Elixir Stones And Crystals

Video 11 - Best Place To Buy Stones And Crystals

Video 12 - Different Types Of Ceremonies

Video 13 - Should You Change The Stones In Your Crystal Water Bottle

 Video 14 - Does The Size Of The Crystals Matter? 


Is it gem water or crystal water?

A rose by any other name...more like rose quartz, right?

Sometimes we get really hung up on the name of the method we are using. Interestingly the physics and metaphysics principles around gem water or crystal water (sometimes even called an essence or gem elixir) are really solid, but unfortunately, we haven’t come up with a solid name, and because of that you may see it called any of the following:

gem water
● Gem-water
● Gem tonic
● Water crystal
● Crystal water
● Crystal essence
● Gem elixir
● Crystal elixir
● Crystal tincture
● Structured water
● Crystal source water
● Water for crystal
● Elixir water
● Gemstone water
● Chrystal water
● Citrine water
● Crystals water
● Crystal drinking water
● Water quartz
● Obsidian water
●Water clear quartz

Kinda crazy, huh? Especially because - they all mean the same thing. Sure we could get into the nitty-gritty of direct and indirect methods of creating gem water or gem elixirs and which ones offer homoeopathic properties, but in my opinion, simple is sustainable.

When you hear a crystal paired with any fluid in any term, know that it really means this:

Water exposed to a crystal that causes the water’s molecules to rearrange their structure to match that of the crystal.

If this leads you to a little disbelief - it's okay - that is totally normal. Know this, this structured water concept using crystals has been around for thousands of years AND has been proven by various studies including a Nobel prize-winning study from 2006.

If you want to get super granular - an essence is a single crystal in water (or other liquid) and an elixir is more than 1 crystal in the water.

The rest - is just slang variations. Staying with our simple and sustainable mantra - let’s refer to them as Gem Elixirs.

Video 1 - Difference Between An Essence And An Elixir - (2.02 min)

How Do Gem Elixirs Really Work?

As I have mentioned, the practice of consuming crystal water, in glass water bottles, in the form of gem elixirs has been around for thousands of years. It wasn’t until later that we began to understand the science behind this practice.

Initially, German physicist, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, discovered that water “has memory like an elephant.” What he proved is that even long after exposure, water still carries the imprint of what it has been exposed to. Dr. Ludwig discovered that this wasn’t just an occasional phenomenon, but it was probable and duplicatable.

Even more importantly when thinking of creating our own gem elixir or creating crystal water in a gem water bottle such as the Elixir2Go, Dr. Ludwig also proved that the imprint left on the water is transferable to other living organisms (like humans).
crystal gem water
Looking at an example, like a beautiful rose quartz elixir made in a rose quartz water, what these principles are demonstrating is that when water is exposed to rose quartz it leaves an imprint vibrationally on the water that can’t be filtered out.

Later, scientists discovered more than a vibratory imprint but that the molecules in water could actually be restructured to create a water that is more available and more healing to our human suits. It was that study in 2006 that won the Nobel Prize, credited to molecular biologist, Gilbert Ling.

This can seem like a LOT to wrap your head around. So here are a couple of examples of more tangible and visible objects that when molecules are rearranged become something a little different.

Let’s look at carbon for example structured one way it is a lump of coal structured another way it is a diamond, same atoms different pattern.

OR Silicon Dioxide SiO2 - structured one way it is a quartz crystal - structured another it is just glass. Pretty cool right?

Same thing we are doing with water here!

Now once these studies came to light, manufacturers jumped at the opportunity to create these fancy machines - full of plastic and using magnets and high-pressure vortexing systems and costing lots of money to create structured water. Luckily, what you are learning here today, is a better way and a way that honors your connection to the earth and nature.

Video 2 - How Do Gem Elixirs Work - (2.46 min)


How To Prepare Gem Water

3 Ways to Make Gem Elixirs

There are so many variations and beautiful rituals and practices to creating your gem elixirs. There are super expensive fitness waterbottles and millions of different gem water combinations that you can use. You can layer energetic frequencies, which always boosts the effectiveness. You can get as fancy or keep it as simple as you would like. Generally, as mentioned before, keeping it simple means you will do it, but I encourage you to get as elaborate as you like and keep it simple where you need to.

1. Direct Method Crystal Elixir

This might be the easiest way. It’s simply to plop a crystal into your water and drink it. You can amp up the energy by placing it in a sunny window or covered outdoors in the sun to add some good pranic energy to the crystal water. (Sunlight also helps to imprint the water to last longer due to the heat and UV rays.)

2. Indirect Method Gem Elixir

This method and the Elixir2Go method are my favorite 2 methods due to the safety aspects of creating these healing crystal water recipes.

This one is simple too, just place the crystals AROUND a container of water (or in a secondary jar inside the primary jar). The benefits are the same as using the direct method, you just have a simpler setup and it expands the type of stone you can use, due to the toxicity of certain crystals.

3. Crystal Elixir to Go Method

This is my favorite method for the daily use of crystal water or gem elixir. It avoids plastic water bottles, expands the stones you can use, ensures safety and healing of the water, and goes with you anywhere.

You simply fill your chamber in the energy bottle with the crystals of your choice, add water, and in a few minutes, you have a portable, safe, and simple to change elixir at your fingertips.

Video 3 - How To Make Elixirs (2.29 min)


Crystal Water Safety

As mentioned, long before there were diy crystal water bottles, like the Elixir2Go, the indirect method for creating gem water and gem elixirs has been the preference. This is because the indirect method is the only 100% safe way to get the benefits of crystals in water.

The direct method is risky - Many stones can corrode, rust, or dissolve in water. And, some contain minerals or radiation that make them unfit for human consumption. crystals and minerals often naturally contain compounds that are toxic (especially in high or frequent doses) for humans like copper, aluminum, asbestos, lead, and many others.

Equally as risky, even if you are using a stone that is naturally non-toxic such as this rose quartz - do you know what chemical was used to polish the stone (often its an aluminum oxide in the polishing stage these days)? There could be wax or oil on it on top of that too.

As a holistic wellness practitioner, I routinely help people detox from heavy metals and other troublesome chronic chemical exposures that have led to their chronic health issues. Over the years I have moved to recommending the indirect method exclusively. The indirect method has the benefit of being limitless you can use any crystal with it. I mentioned lithium and hematite for anxiety - both of those stones would be beautiful and healing in an elixir BUT would require the indirect method.

Video 4 - Safety Precautions When Making Elixirs - (4.53 min)


Gem Water: How to Prepare

What stones to choose when making gem elixirs

Choosing crystals to put in your water may be the very best part of this, aside from actually drinking the gem water. Just don’t get stuck here!

There are 3 distinct methods for choosing that don’t require you to memorize the meaning or correspondences of any stone. There are over 4500 different minerals so you can’t possibly memorize them all!

Look Up the Meaning

You can simply Google it, or look it up in your preferred crystal textbook. Google a phrase like, “gem water recipe for _____________” and insert the physical or energetic issue you need a gem water recipe for. If nothing comes up, try the terms listed in the beginning as different practitioners use different terms.

Crystal Water Recipes by Color

This is often referred to as chromotherapy. If you are familiar with the chakra system - the 7 major chakras starting at the base of the spine all the way up to the top of the head - and familiar with ROY G BIV - the colors of the rainbow - you can match your need to the color “zone” if you will. Red is the legs up to the tailbone, orange is the area below the belly button, yellow belly button to mid-way up the rib-cage, green is the heart area, blue is the throat/neck area, indigo is the upper face, and violet is the top of the head. You then select colors of crystals based on where you need the most support.

Gem Water Recipes by Intuition

This is actually the BEST way, but it is also the scariest. What are you drawn to? What is speaking to you? Don’t disregard the messages your body is sending you.

Video 5 - Stones To Choose When Making Elixirs - (4.03 min)


Gem Water Recipes

You can find gem water recipes in every corner of the interwebs or you can create your own! Here are a few of my favorites:

● Lepidolite, hematite, and smokey quartz for anxiety, and grounding
Amethyst and clear quartz for bringing the vibe up, also helpful with addictions to anything
Rose quartz and clear quartz for all things heart-related, abundance, and love
● Smokey quartz and clear quartz for negativity neutralizing and clearing your thoughts

To wrap this up, using crystals in your water and creating a gem elixir or crystal essence is a safe and effective way to reap the benefits of structured water and all the healing gifts mother Earth has to offer. Water is critical for every function in your body. You, we, all of us are molecules and the molecular structure of water MATTERS, just like that of carbon. Using water that more closely matches the molecular structure of the water basae in our cells has so many benefits.

Remember you need 1 gallon of water a day minimum (unless you are less than 120 lbs) and you can simply amp up the healing power of that water and your connection to mama earth and the cycles of nature but incorporating gem elixirs into your hydration.

Video 6 - Favorite Gem Elixir Combinations - (1.29 min)



Gem Elixir FAQ

Should You Put Water In The Bottom Chamber Of Your Gem-Water Bottle? 

 You can but it is not required! Please use caution because some crystals should not be exposed to water.

That is why the indirect method can be so beneficial. The benefit of adding water for crystals that can take it is that it can magnify the strength of the elixir.



Best Book To Learn About Stones And Crystals?


We recommend the following reference book - The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons. This is Audrey's go-to guide.

Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible

Phillip Permuth The Crystal Healer

Gem Water by Michael Gienger and Joachim Goebel


Can you use flavored water in your crystal bottles?

Absolutely! You can add herbs or make a tea in and use it for or in combination with an elixir. Caution yourself to ensure you aren’t magnifying the effects of things that aren’t good to your human suit, like sodas or dyes or drinks that are sugary.

How to clean a gem water bottle?

Cleaning your glass infused water bottle is super simple. Since the stones don’t touch the water you don't need to manually wash your gem water bottle with soap and water. This is important because some crystals cannot withstand direct water contact, much less contact with soap.

The preferred method for cleaning your glass infused water bottle is to dismantle it carefully, taking the top off the top and bottom lids off of the bottle. Then washing with soap and warm water by hand. Although gem water bottles are fairly durable, they are glass water bottles, and they can break. I do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher, although in a pinch if sterilization is required, you can try it at your own risk.

Once the bottle is washed, you can towel dry or air-dry it on a rack. Simple is best, and setting your glass water bottle aside to dry often provides the best results. You can also jump right back in by adding crystals and creating more crystal water for your consumption.

How much gem water to drink?

Often people come to me and say, “but Audrey I drink lots of water, I drink about 60 oz or 70 oz a day.” While that's not terrible, and in fact, it meets the standards that are sort of set for you by the government eight 8 oz glasses or 64 oz of water a day, it is just enough to keep you alive. It is not enough for you to reap any of the benefits that I've mentioned previously.

For most people, you need to drink a minimum of a gallon of water or 128 ounces per day to get the real benefits of water. If you weigh less than 120 lbs, then you can drink your body weight in ounces as a starting point. Crazy right?

It is perfectly safe, in fact, recommended, for all of this to be indirect gem water.


What is the best stone to reduce stress and anxiety and the favourite gem water stone? 

Lepidolite is known as the stone to bring light and hope to a situation. Audrey explains how to create crazy water with this stone as one of the most effective crystals. You can pair Crazy Water which comes from wells where it naturally flows through lepidolite with the indirect method to create a powerful anti-anxiety elixir.


Where should I buy stones and crystals?

When it comes to buying stones and crystals. If it's cheap, most likely it's a scam.

Consider buying at local gem shows and once a year, there is a big event in Tucson that has amazing gemstone stores that are reliable and trustworthy.

Gemstone Well prides ourselves in authenticity with the stones we sell. They are sourced from Brazil and hand-selected to ensure that they are genuine. 


What are different types of ceremonies?

Did you know that some people will use meditation, prayer or even moon cycles to amplify the vibrations from the stones? You can create elixirs for any occasion or meditation. This is layer the frequencies, consider using holidays, solstice time periods, new cycles, or the changing of the seasons to create ceremony around creating and consuming your crystal water.


Should you change the stones in your healing crystal water bottle?

There are no hard or fast rules for this answer. Depending on your situation, you can leave or change your stones in your in-direct bottle.


Does the size of your stones matter?

It's true that the bigger the crystal, the more vibrational energy it can give. But the theories indicate that it doesn’t matter when creating a vibration imprint on water. This is a principle largely used in homeopathy - where a little bit goes a long way and has a bigger impact than using a large amount.

In other crystal healing modalities, the size of the stone is more important. Bigger is usually better.

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