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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions 

Do gemstones have to touch water to "charge" it?

No! All matter vibrates, and gemstones radiate specific vibrational patterns that affect water and other matter around them. This energy from the stones passes through glass; therefore, crystals are able to affect water even when physically separated from the water by a wall of glass. This has long been a tradition of gemstone water as certain stones are toxic to put directly into your drinking water. We have created a quick video on why it matters that the stones don't have to touch the water.

Is there anything I should do to charge or re-charge my gemstones?

From a scientific perspective, the stones you purchase from Gemstone Well have existed for thousands of years and are still able to positively affect the energies around them. So from that standpoint, we wouldn't expect anything that has happened to them in the past few months or years to be overly problematic. Your stones are able to transmit positive vibrational energy to what surrounds them.

That said, we understand from quantum physics that physical matter is based in energy, and it receives and transmits energy. For this reason, all crystals purchased from Gemstone Well have been energetically cleared and tuned before you received them. Many crystal healing experts recommend placing stones out under the moon to re-tune their energies. We would suggest doing this any time you like...it certainly won't hurt your stones.

Is all this stuff about gemstones and energy and vibrations scientifically proven? Or is it pseudo-science?

Quantum physics is producing mind-bending discoveries, the implications of which no one fully understands. Science is challenging many commonly held beliefs about matter and the universe.

The effects of words, sounds, matter, and all sorts of energies on the molecular structure of water has been demonstrated in the work of researchers such as Dr. Masaru Emoto. At this time, however, little to no verifiable research has documented the effects of gemstones and gem water on the human body. Any knowledge in this realm is currently limited to hypothesis and intuition.

That said, we recognize that many widely-held current beliefs about the physical universe were considered outrageous until they were physically observed and demonstrated. The fact that the effects of gems on the human body have not yet been observed and documented certainly does not mean that effects don't exist and won't some day be demonstrated in a more widely-accepted manner.

Are any of Gemstone Well's products intended to treat or cure diseases or other physical problems?

No, none of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or physical ailment. They are provided in order to be used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle and to contribute to general well-being. No product or information provided by Gemstone Well should take the place of the treatment and care of trained and licensed medical practitioners.

What books do you recommend if I want to learn more about crystals?

Here are our favorite books that we are always recommending to our subscribers.

Crystals For Healing 

Gem Water

The Book of Stones

The Crystal Bible

The Crystal Healer

The Hidden Messages In Water


Questions About the Elixir2Go Crystal Elixir Bottle

How do i use the Elixir2Go bottle?

Many studies have shown that the change to the water molecules made by crystals happens in around seven minutes. Fill your bottle with whatever water you choose to drink, leave it in the bottle for approximately seven to ten minutes, then enjoy!

Is the Elixir2Go bottle made of glass or plastic?

The bottle is made of high-quality, lead-free borosilicate glass. (Borosilicate glass is the same glass used in laboratory instruments.) The top and bottom caps of the bottle are made of stainless steel, lined with BPA-free plastic and a silicone washer (which is currently the best way we have available to keep the bottles from leaking).

Does the Elixir2Go bottle come with gemstones included?

Yes it does! You have several mixtures of gemstones to choose from, and each mixture is weighed to be approximately the right amount for your water bottle.

Can I put my own rocks in the Elixir2Go bottle?

Yes! This was one of the most important features we wanted the crystal water bottle to have. Although it comes with a set of gemstones ready to use, you can easily open up the bottom chamber and put whatever stones you like into the chamber. Different stones have different vibrational patterns and, therefore, different effects on water and the body. We encourage you to experiment and to share your discoveries on our Facebook page.

Some crystals dissolve in water. Is this a concern with the Elixir2Go bottle?

Not at all! The lower compartment of the glass bottle is separated from the upper water chamber by a glass divider, so that, used properly, your water never touches the stones. That's the beauty of the crystal bottle! (If you ever notice any cracks in your bottle, you should discontinue use immediately.)

It's very true, though, that some stones dissolve harmful substances into water. This is why you should never put gemstones in your drinking water unless you know exactly what you're doing, and you should never put stones in the upper water chamber of your premium bottle.

What is the best way to wash my Elixir2Go bottle?

While the bottle can likely survive a trip through the dishwasher, we recommend washing it by hand with gentle dish soap and a good bottle brush. The gemstones need no specific cleaning or care. (Individual users may choose to charge the stones according to one of many traditions such as reiki, burning sage or moonlight)

Does the Elixir2Go bottle break easily?

Like anything made of glass, the bottle is fragile and must be handled with care at all times. Keep it in its protective neoprene sleeve whenever possible to protect it. Observe the following safeguards as well:

If your bottle should get cracked or broken, you can purchase a replacement glass bottle body from our website.

Are our gemstones real?

Definitely Yes! These are genuine, A-grade natural stones and ethically sourced from sites all over the world. We ensure to only source from suppliers who have complete the Ethical Trading Initiative annual audit.

What's included?

Great question.  We have created a video  of the unboxing of the Elixir2Go water bottle

Questions About Pet Water Bowls

It looks like the crystals are underneath the actual bowl with no contact with the water so how can this benefit the health of the animal elixirs are meant to be crystals in the water? 

The use of gem water has been used for thousands of years.  The information/energy contained in the rocks, minerals, and crystals that are used is transferred to the water as long as it's in the vicinity.  The energy will pass through glass. We have a comprehensive blog post about gem water and vibrational patterns if you want to learn more.  

No! All matter vibrates, and gemstones radiate specific vibrational patterns that affect water and other matter around them. This energy from the stones passes through glass; therefore, crystals are able to affect water even when physically separated from the water by a wall of glass. This has long been a tradition of gemstone water as certain stones are toxic to put directly into your drinking water. We have created a quick video on why it matters that the stones don't have to touch the water.

How do I remove the glass from the silicone bowl?

This is a common challenge when you first receive the package.  To remove the glass bowl, we suggest that you lean the container on your stomach or chest, one hand on the bottom pulling towards your toes, and the other hand lifting the bowl towards your head. As you have broken the seal, further times will be easy.

Questions About Gemstone Well, Our Products, and Ordering

Do you make the products you sell, or are you a distributor or drop shipper?

We are the creator of the products we sell. We are the brand owners, not wholesalers, distributors, drop-shippers, or middlemen. Learn more about us here!

Where can I see all your products and place an order?

Right here!

When will my order ship? What if I need a return or exchange?

Check out our Shipping and Returns page!

Can you ship to countries outside the USA?

Yes! We can ship to most any country in the world. Just enter your address during checkout, and your shipping cost will be automatically calculated. Please note that free shipping on orders over $39 only applies to orders shipped anywhere in the USA.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

If shipping within USA, we request an actual address as UPS refuses to deliver to PO Box.  If shipping overseas, we will send to your PO Box if you can confirm that you have received packages from UPS or USPS before. It will be your responsibility if the shipping is returned.

Questions About Crystal Club

What are the lesson like?

Holistic wellness practitioner and Certified Crystal Healer Audrey Christie delivers the lessons. Each fortnight, she covers topics related to how to use crystals in daily life for maximum health benefits. Each class includes Question and Answer  time. See what a class looks like here!

What if I'm busy at the time of one of the classes?

All classes are recorded, and recordings are instantly ready to watch in members-only Facebook group. The replay is sent via email within 24 hours of the live training

What if I want to cancel?

You can easily cancel at any time! You'll continue to have membership access until the last month you paid for runs out, and then you won't be billed any longer. 

I don't use facebook, can i still get value?

Absolutely, you can still watch all the lessons recordings and have all your questions answered by Audrey via email. 

What is the Crystal Club so cheap?

Great question.  We are trying this fabulous community available to everyone so to benefit from using crystals in their daily life. Please note that the price for the Crystal Club will be increasing in price very soon when we reach 1000 members :)

Questions About Wholesale 

Do you offer crystal water bottles wholesale?

Yes we do! Not only do we wholesale crystal water bottles, we also wholesale crystal pet bowls.

Can I buy wholesale today?

An active wholesale account is required to purchase products from Gemstone Well at wholesale pricing.

To apply for a wholesale account, please send us an email at support@gemstonewell.com. Please begin the subject line of your email with [WHOLESALE APPLICATION], and include the following in your message:

• A copy of your valid state-issued seller’s permit/resale certificate (if a USA business) OR (if outside the USA) a resale certificate, business license, or other comparable business registration document

• Current contact information (business name, name of contact person, phone, email, billing address, and shipping address)

• A description of your business and the venue(s) where you plan to sell our products (both physical spaces and online)

• A copy of this agreement, signed and dated on the last page

Once we have reviewed your application, if approved, we will email you a link to set up your online wholesale account. You will need to set up the account, and then we will activate it.

Once your account has been activated you can place wholesale orders at https://gemstonewell.com/wholesale-store.

What is the pricing and minimum order?

For Crystal Water Bottles and Crystal Elixir Pet Bowl wholesale prices, please complete the application form.

The minimum order for bottles and pet bowls, both for first-time purchases and re-orders, is one case. (12 units)

We offer several tiers of pricing for the wholesale cases, as shown on the pricing sheet. The pricing tiers are based on the number of cases you purchase. The more you purchase, the more you save!

What are the payment terms?

Pre-payment is required for all orders, unless other arrangements are made. Payment must be received in full and cleared before your order will ship.

Accepted forms of payment are major credit/debit card, Paypal, check, or money order. 

If you choose to pay by check or money order, then contact us first and request an invoice.

Who is responsible for the shipping?

The buyer is responsible for all shipping and return charges (FOB Hillsboro, OR 97124). United States orders will generally be shipped via UPS Ground, unless other arrangements are made.

Shipping charges will automatically be calculated during checkout for online orders. If you would like to provide your own shipping labels for your order, please contact us before placing your order.

International buyers who do not have a U.S. shipping address should contact us to discuss shipping arrangements before placing an order.

All in-stock orders ship within 1-3 business days of being placed.

If any items in your order are back-ordered we will inform you within 1-3 business days of receiving your order.

You may choose to wait until the items are in stock for them to ship, or you may request a refund.

Do you have an affiliate programme?

Yes we do.  We pay 20% commission on all our products and cookies last 30 days.  Click here to register for our affiliate programme.  It takes less than 5 minutes to set up! 


Thank you for reading our FAQ's.

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