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Start Your Crystal Healer Education For As Little As $12.50 A Month

Crystal Healer certifications can be quite expensive (+$2000!), that is why we have designed a no-hassle, online, and simple space for crystal education. 

Right from the start you receive:

💎  Over 25+ Instructional Video Lessons to get you Crystal Ready
💎  Unique Access to our Members Only Facebook Group
💎  2 Biweekly Live Lessons Every Month with our Certified Expert
💎  A Reiki-charged Gemstone Welcome Gift (Valued at $15.00 for our Monthly Subscriptions)
💎  An Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle Welcome Gift (Valued at $50 for our Yearly Subscription).


Go from Crystal Rookie to Crystal Clear in a few days!

Crystal Healing offers a new world of practical information to anyone interested in the benefits of meditation, personal healing, anxiety-control, and much more. 

A Fun & Healthy Online Community

Joining the Crystal Club you will also be part of our amazing and healthy community of parents, teachers, soon-to-be certified crystal healer professionals, nurses and overall nice folks.


Every Interaction is a Fun/Learning one at the Crystal Club


Crystal Club - A Healthy Community


Learn to CONFIDENTLY and EFFECTIVELY work with crystals to enhance your personal health and wellbeing in our CRYSTAL HEALING CLASSES.

Our curriculum has been refined and improved to fully equip you to:

💎  Understand HOW and WHY crystals are powerful tools
💎  Develop your personal HEALING skills
💎  Make you feel more COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT when working with your stones
💎  Boost your CONFIDENCE
💎  Enhance your abundance attraction
💎  Enhance your other wellness practices (supplements, essential oils, nutrition, mindfulness)
💎  Create more better HEALTH and HAPPINESS in your life


We have a great community because we have a great teacher


The modules are taught by Audrey Christie, one of the best crystal healing coaches in the world!

She is a Functional and Integrative Nurse Nutritionist + Energy Medicine Practitioner who has a thriving practice in Texas. Her processes and teachings are simple and get to the root cause(s) using a holistic approach that includes the body, mind, and spirit.

Audrey's background and training includes several body and energy modalities:

💎  Masters of Science in Nursing with a minor in Education
💎  Registered Nurse
💎  Functional Nutrition
💎  Intuitive Eating Coach
💎  Functional Medicine
💎  Reiki Master
💎  Intuitive Eating Counsellor 
💎  Certified Clinical Master of Aromatherapy
💎  Certified Crystal Healer 
💎  Advanced Crystal Master
💎  Yoga Teacher
💎  Certification in Homeopathics
💎  Energy Medicine
💎  Ayurveda
💎  Epigenetics
💎  Nutrition
💎  Many other healing modalities

Use Our Special Offer & Join The Crystal Club

Get all of this actionable Crystal Club content for as little as $12.50 a month or $100 a year (saving $50 with our yearly plan).

You’ll get instant access to +25 lessons and the Members Only Facebook Group so that you can get started right away.

💎 Another +26 live lessons (every fortnight) so you can continue to enhance your crystal knowledge

💎 20% DISCOUNT on Gemstone Well products to enhance your ability to weave crystals effortlessly into your daily routines

💎A Reiki-charged Gemstone Welcome Gift (Valued at $15 for our Monthly Subscription)

💎A Crystal Pet Water Bowl Welcome Gift (Valued at $50 for our Yearly Subscription).


Register Below & Welcome To The Club

Hear what our students have to say about their experience at The Crystal Club


Laura - A Happy Customer

 ¨I've learnt so much at the comfort of my own home¨

I've always been interested in Crystal Healing but with work and the kids time just shrinks up until I found Audrey and the wonderful Crystal Club community. I've been able to watch the lessons at my own pace and (when I get a chance) participate in the online classes! It has been a thoroughly great learning experience for me and I sincerely recommend it to all crystal healing enthusiasts that want to get more for their buck!

Laura M - Sacramento, CA.


Andrea - Another Happy Customer

 ¨It's amazing what crystal knowledge can do in your day to day¨

Most people don't really believe that crystals can help with headaches or staying focus and I know... I was most people, but since I started meditating I actually learn a lot about the impact that things around you have in your life so I decided to learn how to add positivity in my day-to-day. It has been a total 180 for me and I'm sure it will be for many others out there!

Andrea Bradford - Skagway, AK.


30 Day Money Back Guaranteed



Here’s the list of the +25 enlightening lessons of crystal content, exercises and guided practices that will teach you how to become confident and highly-effective with crystals.

The delivery of the training is provided on a start of the art online learning platform, accessible from anywhere, available 24/7.

💎  How To Choose Crystals - Learn  which crystals you need to charge to avoid crystal confusion.

💎  How To Use Crystal Grids - Learn how to effectively use crystal grids for any intention you wish.

💎  Crystals For Specific Issues -  In this Q&A style class, you will learn specific crystal remedies for common questions and ailments

💎  Natural vs Man-Made Crystal Shapes - Are you more into the natural crystal formations or the man-made? Learn to tell the difference and the benefits of each.

💎  Combat Negativity With Crystals -  Keep your space and energy high using crystals to combat negativity.

💎  Crystals And Practices For Abundance - Crystals are powerful allies for enhancing and opening up your abundance potential. Learn how and why it works.

💎  Crystals And Kids - Learn crystal remedies for hyperactive and energetic kids, crystals for better sleep, crystals for easily stressed kids, and how to choose crystals to work with kids.

💎  Crystals For Autoimmune Disease - Crystals to enhance your healing ability specifically from autoimmune disease (including herbal and nutritional support too).

💎  Crystals For Pets - Our furry and feathered companions are sensitive to the healing nature of crystals. You will discover how to safely and effectively assist your pet companions with crystals.

💎  Energy Sensing [Part 1] - How to use your hands, crystals, and pendulums to sense energy and energetic imbalances in your body.

💎  Energy Sensing [Part 2] - Going deeper into energy sensing as a daily tool for making wellness decisions and energetic healing

💎  Daily Practices With Crystals - Learn the benefits of incorporating crystals into your daily wellness routines.

💎  Care And Cleaning Of Crystals - You have this collection but how do you take care for it? Learn physical and energetic cleansing techniques for your crystal collection.

💎  Pairing Essential Oils With Crystals And Grids - Layering energies is a powerful way to shift vibrations and provide personal healing. Learn how to pair essential oils with crystals to create a more powerful experience.

💎  Immune Support - Want to keep your immune system healthy and tuned up? Learn to enhance your human suit with crystals and other energy medicine modalities.

💎  Crystal Formations [Part 1] - Get deep into crystalline structure with Platonic solids

💎  Crystal Formations [Part 2] - Ever heard of record keepers and enhydros? Find out what geo terms mean and how they apply to the personal health and healing properties of crystals

💎  Crystals For Mood Boosting - Understand ways to shift your energy towards positivity and enhance your vibration with multiple methods utilizing crystal allies.

💎  Crystals for Sacred Spaces - You'll discover how a sacred space will help you grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally, whether you’re affiliated with a religion or not. There are many benefits to having a designated spot in the physical world where you can decompress and reconnect with your higher self

💎  Sacral Chakra - Step into creativity, flow, and maybe even bringing sexy back?  You will learn a crystal grid layout specific for the sacral chakra as well as plant medicine to assist with imbalances. You'll dive deep into the properties of an imbalanced vs balanced sacral chakra.

💎  Solar Plexus - You will discover how to reclaim your personal power, while reigniting your internal and energetic motivation factors. You will learn crystal elixir recipes and a deep dive on the Solar Plexus chakra properties and signs of imbalance.

💎  Heart Chakra - You will dive deep into the heart chakra, crystals to work with for this chakra, a heart chakra layout, and the properties of a balanced vs imbalanced heart center!

💎  Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra - Learn about crystals to use  to tap into your voice, intuition, and spiritual connection.

💎  How To Use Rose Quartz In Your Life (The Stone Of Love) - Learn unique ways to use Rose Quartz to benefit yourself, family, and even your pets.

Each month, we add 2 new Modules. You get live access to these health classes so you can get involved and have your questions answered instantly.

12 Monthly Payments of $12.50

If you join the monthly payment plan today, you’ll receive a special gemstone GIFT mailed to you after you join - value $15 (USA residents only)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the classes like?

Classes are taught by holistic wellness practitioner and Certified Crystal Healer Audrey Christie. They cover all kinds of topics related to how to use crystals in daily life for maximum health benefits. Each class includes Q&A time. See what a class looks like here!

What if I'm busy at the time of one of the classes?

All lessons are recorded, and recordings are made available through our online platform, the private members-only Facebook group and via email. If you can't make it live, you can always catch the recordings at your convenience!

What if I want to cancel?

You can easily cancel at any time! You'll continue to have membership access until the last month/year you paid for runs out, and then you won't be billed any longer.

I feel insecure about working with crystals. Should i still join the crystal club?

If you ever have these or similar thoughts such as ‘Do they work? Why do I feel drawn to them? Is it just a bunch of woo-woo nonsense? Will I ever be able to talk about my crystals…without feeling judged?, then the Crystal Club is the ideal online training curriculum for you. Audrey is listening to her students and can deliver specific training modules to help you overcome your fears.

The Gemstone Well team wholeheartedly invite you to follow your joy and join us inside the Crystal Club today.

If you have more questions before joining us in the Crystal Club, email us at and would be happy to answer your concerns.

Inside this incredible program, you'll:

💎  Go on a Journey of Self Discovery
💎  Reconnect with your spiritual path and your role in the Universe
💎  Develop a deep connection with your crystals and the world around you
💎  Rediscover your sacred healing gifts and feel the bliss that comes from finding wholeness within

And please don’t forget… your exclusive $50 OFF the yearly membership and the BONUS Pet Water Bowl disappears soon.


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