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Right now we're offering you the opportunity to become a member of Gemstone Well's Crystal Club! Join today, for just $12.50 a month or save up over $50.00 with our $100.00 a year plan!

Learn to CONFIDENTLY and EFFECTIVELY work with crystals through with this comprehensive, tried and true evidence-based practical knowledge. JOIN TODAY and received the following awesome, sparkly benefits. 


💎   Access to 2 LIVE crystal health classes per month, taught by Certified Crystal Healer Audrey Christie via Facebook Live, with recordings made available afterwards

💎   INSTANT ACCESS TO 30+ CRYSTAL HEALTH LESSONS that you watch immediately with the opportunity to have your questions answered immediately

💎   A special gemstone GIFT mailed to you after you join - value $11.99 (USA members only)

💎   EXCLUSIVE member-only Facebook group access with engaging content and where you can get your questions answered by experienced crystal healers, clinicians and energy medicine practitioners

💎   A 20% DISCOUNT on Gemstone Well products throughout the year (20% equals $10 OFF an Elixir2Go bottle 🤩)

💎   EARLY access to our annual Black Friday sale.  We have become known for this sale over the past 3 years.

💎   And much more...exclusive member-only discounts, perks, early sale access, and early new product access

Join now! Instantly become part of our loving + vibrant global crystal community. You can cancel at any time. Just fill out the form below:

Crystal Club Membership FAQs


What are the classes like?

Classes are taught by holistic wellness practitioner and Certified Crystal Healer Audrey Christie. They cover all kinds of topics related to how to use crystals in daily life for maximum health benefits. Each class includes Q&A time.

See what a class looks like here !


What if I'm busy at the time of one of the classes?

All classes are recorded, and recordings are made available through the private members-only Facebook group. If you can't make it live you can always catch the recordings at your convenience!


What if I want to cancel?

You can easily cancel at any time! You'll continue to have membership access until the last month you paid for runs out, and then you won't be billed any longer. If you paid for multiple months you're eligible for a prorated refund of any unused months.


If you ever wonder if you’re “doing it right”? 

Join now to discover how to transform, help yourself and others with crystal energy.


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