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Crystal Water Bottle Wholesale Inquiries



We often get asked whether we offer crystal water bottle wholesale opportunities for our products...and the answer is YES!

Here's what you need to know:

Who Can Open a Wholesale Account?

Are Wholesale Accounts Available to Businesses Outside the United States?

Absolutely Yes! Gemstone Well products are currently sold in 22 countries around the world. Note that the buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping as well as any applicable taxes or import duties. We have warehouses located in United States and Hong Kong.

What Is the Minimum Purchase Quantity?

The minimum order of Elixir2Go bottles is one case (12 bottles). The more you purchase, the lower the price. We can help with bulk orders.

Even if you purchase just one case of bottles, after paying for shipping you're still left with a healthy profit margin.

How Do I Apply for a Wholesale Account?

Here is the process for opening a wholesaler account with Gemstone Well:

  1. Contact us and provide your business name, location, and a brief description of where/how you would like to sell Gemstone Well products. We will respond within 1-2 business days and send you our information packet.

  2. Read through the information we provide. If you agree to abide by the policies, sign and return a copy of the Wholesale Agreement we send you. We'll also request a copy of your state-issued seller permit (if a U.S-based business) or other government business registration document (if outside the U.S.).

  3. We will respond within 1-2 days to let you know whether you're approved. Upon approval, we'll ask you to create a login on our website.

  4. Once you've confirmed your login has been created, we will activate your account for purchasing. You'll then be able to log in to the wholesale area of our website and place your first order!

Get Started

To begin selling Gemstone Well products in your store, please send us an email and request an information packet. In your email, please include your name, the name and location of your business, where/how you want to sell our products, and your website and/or social media links.

We will respond to you promptly with information about opening a wholesaler account.

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