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Unboxing Of Your Elixir2Go Water Bottle

Crystal Water Bottle Unboxing

I want to let you know what to expect when your crystal water bottle arrives because it is FULL of goodies and info, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. Once you get your gift-worthy box, here is what to pay special attention to:

1. When you open the top of the box - your crystal pouch will be snuggled right in there with the crystal mix you selected. Crystals are durable, but you don’t want them to hit the floor!

2. Next, you will want to slide the quartz bottle out and dig into the included information. If you are a crystal newbie - we’ve got you covered! You will find your warranty info and a pamphlet on exactly how to use and care for Elixir2Go. But don’t read it yet!

3. We’ve found that if you go ahead and hand wash your bottle, then you can dive into all the how-to’s while it dries.

Contact Us Anytime and Lifetime Warranty

Something else I want you to know - is our Gemstone Well Team is HERE for you with mega support - not only do you have that ah-mazing lifetime warranty - but if you have questions, our stellar support team is at your fingertips! To top it off - if you want to dive into a wealth of information on how to incorporate crystals into your daily life - I’ve got you!

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