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Best Water To Drink: Definition & What Are The Different Types

What is the best water to drink for health? You know you need to drink water, but how do you make it valuable, the best water to drink for your health? 

It would seem like there is a simple answer, but as you can imagine, water quality varies depending on the source and how its treated post-sourcing. The best water to drink for health has a few metrics to it, but the two simplest to focus on are volume and the different water types, based on what has been added to it or stripped away.

Water Definition

Before we dive into the water volume needed for health and the different types of water that will get you there, let’s talk about the water definition. It never fails for someone to think or ask, “Hey, does [blank] count as water? You could fill in that blank with tea, coffee, soda, bottled water, so many different options.

For the best water to drink for health, it is defined as good old fashioned H2O.

What is H2O?

Put merely, H2O is water. Water is made up of millions of molecules; each molecule is made up of 3 atoms. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When you combine the three atoms, it makes a single molecule of water. Just for frame of reference, there are 1.67 sextillion molecules of water in a drop. Crazy right?

It may seem kind of funny to think of water in this way - but this is the way it most closely matches what your human suit needs.

h2o atom

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Benefits of Water

Water is one of the ultimate pillars of health. And to reap the benefits of water, you have to drink enough water.

When you drink enough water, it combats fatigue, keeps the body from storing toxins, keeps your skin healthy and glowing, and those pads in between your joints (like your knees and between the vertebrae in your back) lovely and squishy so they can do their job.

Other benefits of water include the prevention of seasonal allergies, enhanced workouts, improved energy transition, and enhanced meditation and energy work.

Water Volume for Health

How much water do you drink in a day? Hopefully, its a lot. People often report that they drink 30oz or less water in the day, that about 900 mL depending on where on Earth you live. You may be able to guess what comes next...what is not enough to thrive.

How much water should I drink a day?

So if it’s not 30 oz of water per day, how much more do you need to thrive? 60, 70 oz? More than a liter?

In short, yes.

While 60-70oz a day (roughly 2 liters) isn’t terrible and meets the standard recommendations for health globally, it is just enough to keep you alive. It is not enough for you to reap any of the benefits of water.

Most adults must drink at least one gallon of water or 128 ounces per day to reap water benefits. If you weigh less than 120 lbs, instead of drinking a gallon of water, you can reap the benefits of water by drinking your weight in ounces. (For example, the value of 100 lbs means drink 100 oz of water.)

How much is 128 oz?

how much is 128 oz

There is 128 oz in 1 gallon or 3.8 liters. Our Gemstone Well Elixir2Go bottle holds 17 ounces (500 mL) So instead of 64oz in a day, or the best amount to drink 128 oz in a day - think in terms of that is about 8 Gemstone Wells full of water. That seems like a lot of water to drink in one day, but if you start slow and work your way up, you will be there in no time and feeling the difference.

How much is 64 oz?

If you are somewhere below 50 oz of water consumption a day, try to meet the 64 oz of water a day (2 liters) minimum first. Then work your way up. Again, think of it as 4 Gemstone Well Elixir2Go Bottles full of water.

how much is 64 oz

Types of Water

Even though we are looking at one type of water, H2O, some critical considerations are just as important as the water volume you drink to consider when choosing the best kind of water for health.

Tap Water/Bottled Water

Tap water is subject to all kinds of additives from your local water company, the collection of stuff in your pipes, and overall pollution. Its often full of chlorine and fluoride and stripped of minerals.

Natural Water

It comes directly from springs deep within the Earth. You can taste and feel the difference in the mineral contents. The best type of water for your health is self-harvested spring water right from the Earth. That is not practical for most people, despite the mineral water benefits.

The water that comes in a bottle labeled “natural” or “spring” water is just marketing and can even be dangerous after sitting in the leaching plastic bottles.

Structured Water

Think of structured water as your best combination of tap water and natural water. Structured water is water that has been influenced into a hexagonal structure but not changing its atomic structure.

There are several ways to achieve this, but the most cost-effective (not to mention fun and stylish way) is with a Gemstone Well Elixir2Go crystal bottled water. This the safest crystal infused water bottle for structured water because the crystals don’t touch the water. The water structure is influenced by the crystals that are next to it. You will get the benefits of staying hydrated as well as mineral water benefits. Click here to learn more about gem water.


When you take a look at all of the studies and vast amounts of information out there, consider that the amount of water you drink and the type of water you drink are most important to your health and wellness.

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