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Crystal Therapy - Find The Right Crystals To Treat Illnesses

Below is an overview of 26 illnesses, ailments, physical and emotional problems that can be treated with crystal therapy.

Each condition listed is accompanied by a clear description of how to cure with crystal gems.

Self-treatment – or Professional Help?

The treatment of illness on one's own and without professional assistance is a controversial issue. When sick, you start to ask yourself if you should take responsibility for your recovery, or should you leave it to your doctor or alternative practitioner? The answer is simple: the best way is to assume responsibility and also to get professional help.  We strongly consider obtaining professional advice from your physician. It is a good idea to participate actively in the ensuing healing process.

A is for Athletes foot.

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection. Starts typically between the toes.  It commonly occurs in people who where tightfitting shoes and the feet sweet.

chrysoprase raw
Smoky Quartz

The following combination of Chrysoprase and Smoky Quartz is an effective remedy for relieving athlete's foot.  Drink gem water throughout the day. 

Regularly place a tumbled stone on the affected spot. After two or three days, start wearing a necklace or a pendant of Smoky Quartz. This treatment needs to be carried out for several weeks before showing results.

B is for Bladder problems

Bladder problems can be categorized in two ways. One is a weak bladder with a tendency to infections, frequent urination, and possibly incontinence. The other is a bladder with a disorder that withholds urine. A general lack of necessary energy often causes a weak bladder, often associated with fear and difficulties in life.

Here, controlling one's immediate situation or specific parts of one's life can improve the bladder problem. An inflamed bladder may also be caused by disease, though any existing weakness will exacerbate it. All bladder infections should be treated professionally. Any advance of infection, through the urethra to the kidneys, may well cause dangerous complications.


In particular, Agate with a pink spot in the middle is particularly useful for treating bladder infections. Place a polished crystal, section/slice, over the pubic bone – or wear it there as a pendant.


Aquamarine helps with a weak bladder, and frequent need to urinate and with incontinency. It supports both regains control of the bladder function and any other lifestyle problems. Try wearing bracelets, necklaces, or a pendant for an extended period. Alternatively, mix this stone to create gem water and drink throughout the day.

Garnet Pyrope

However, Garnet Pyrope is known as the "number one" invigorating gemstone for treating a weak bladder and any accompanying tendency to infection.  Place it as a crystal or a polished crystal over the pubic bone.

Blue Calcedony

Nephrite or Blue Chalcedony helps with alleviating urine retention. Both crystals remove the need to retain everything. Wear as a bracelet, necklace, or pendant for an extended period; or take as gem water.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper helps both with a weak bladder and urine retention. Place a tumbled stone on the upper part of the pubic bone – or wear as a necklace, pendant, or gem crystal for an extended period.

C is for Cellulite

Cellulite is the physical evidence of a structural change of the subcutaneous tissue, where fat deposits are formed in the body, resulting in irregularities on the skin's surface. These skin changes have nothing to do with cellulitis's actual medical condition, an inflammation in the skin cell tissue.

Cellulite, the cause of which is often incorrectly referred to and ascribed as being age-related, is caused (as are many diseases of the skin and tissues) by waste deposits and accumulation of lymph. Many crystals can enhance the breakdown of such waste deposits and toxins.

Exercise, healthy nutrition, massaging the skin, and showering with alternating hot and cold water help alleviate this condition.

Ocean Jasper

For regeneration of skin that's affected by cellulite, try Ocean Jasper.  It stimulates regeneration and reorganization of the tissues after intensive detoxifying cures. Therefore, it can be applied as "preparation" before using Brown Tourmaline (Dravite) gem water.

Brown Tourmaline

Dravite Tourmaline, rich in magnesium, furthers the cleansing and the detoxification of the connective tissue and deeper layers of skin and structural regeneration. The cellulite's fat deposits are dissolved in this way, and the small dents and bumps on the surface of the skin disappear.

D is for Detoxification

Detoxification has nowadays come to be regarded as one factor to cure disease. Overeating, particularly with a high animal protein content, can lead to similar "pollution" within the body. This harmful bombardment forces our bodies to work extra hard to stay healthy. Further, it tends to transform our connective tissues systematically, in particular, into a regular "waste disposal site." This occurs because all the substances that our bodies cannot adequately transform or excrete will be deposited temporarily within our connective tissues.

There are many ways of detoxifying the tissues, of which the following have been used successfully:

  • annual cures using spring herbs
  • regular curative fasting
  • diet, especially reduction of animal proteins
  • salt baths (e. g. with natural, high-quality, unprocessed salt)
  • sauna treatment
  • intestinal cleansing
  • drinking plenty of good quality water
  • wholesome nutrition based on organic food

Crystal can support detoxification processes in two ways: firstly, they help with the purification of tissues of wastes and toxins. Secondly, they encourage the excretion of these substances through the liver, kidneys, the intestine, and skin.

Green Tourmaline
chrysoprase crystal

A combination of Chrysoprase and Green Tourmaline is ideal as they are supportive on both fronts. Chrysoprase is the optimal crystal for detoxification. As a nickel-containing mineral, it helps purify the tissues of polluting substances and (as a Green Chalcedony) excretes these via the lymph system, liver, and kidneys. Mentally, it also liberates us from strain, grief, worries, etc.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony improves eliminating toxic substances. Consider using this crystal for acute illness cases during the period when other polluting substances are not to be released from the tissues. Blue Chalcedony is always a sensible choice when excretion through the skin (foul-smelling sweat) and the intestine (diarrhea) is too high. As an ancient Chinese saying puts it: What the kidneys do not excrete, is excreted by the intestine. 

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper can improve the discharge of waste and toxic substances while, at the same time, furthering gentle, continuous detoxification of the tissues.


Peridot eliminates waste and toxic substances and their processing through the liver. Peridot has a powerful effect and sometimes causes violent physical reactions and emotional outpourings of any accumulated annoyances and deep-rooted frustrations.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline helps with degenerative processes in the joints, nerves, and tissues caused by waste products' deposition. This crystal also furthers both purification and the excretion of these substances.  Wear as a bracelet, a necklace, a polished crystal with a hole, or a pendant for long periods and place or fix a crystal (Tourmaline), a polished stone, or a liver segment in the evening. It's suggested to drink gem water.

E is for Exhaustion

Exhaustion occurs because of excessive strain or a lack of recovery from an illness. It signifies that one's available energy resources are used. Suppose exhaustion occurs without any apparent cause and within an otherwise normal, healthy state. In that case, one's energy must have already decreased by some other factors, e.g., some undetected physical illness or emotional burden.

For short-term exhaustion caused by physical strain, an old home remedy can be applied, closely connected to the crystal therapy – a pinch of table salt on the tongue's tip.


Bronzite helps with exhaustion caused by the "energy-robbing" stress of everyday life as a mineral-rich in iron and magnesium. It's helpful when no actual recovery seems in sight for a relatively long time.


Epidote helps one to recover after an extreme effort and severe illnesses. It is particularly suitable when feeling drained and incapable of performing even the smallest activity. 

Garnet Pyrope

To stay positive in difficult times, Garnet Pyrope can help main a positive attitude. Garnet Pyrope mobilizes energy reserves in precisely the right amount. It stimulates the metabolism, regeneration, and reconstruction processes within the body.


Rhodochrosite has a stimulating effect and can help overcome exhaustion. Energy reserves are used up quite quickly under their influence.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper helps internal inflammation or chronic illness causing exhaustion. It heals, improves the removal of waste and toxic substances, and can revive the metabolism.

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron can produce energy when the body is exhausted. It boosts the iron metabolism. Tiger Iron has a slow, long-lasting, strengthening effect. 


Zoisite (like Epidote) helps to regenerate and recover after severe or continuous illnesses. Use Zoisite minerals that contain Ruby.

These invigorating gemstones mentioned can be worn for body contact. Try wearing bracelets, necklaces, or pendants. You can use gem water in small sips over the day.

F is for Fertility Problems

A few crystals are known, even – to stimulate fertility, i. e. the procreative capacity and women's ability to conceive. If you can be specific about the cause of reduced fertility, the more purposefully and effectively these crystals can be applied. Nevertheless, as ever, the cause should always first be clarified by a specialist or doctor.  Common fertility problems are disturbances in ovaries, hormonal disorders (of the pituitary gland and thyroid gland), blocked fallopian tubes (e. g. following inflammation), or a uterus disease. Common male fertility problems include trouble with sperm production, impotence, or difficulties with the sperm-conducting channel – such as inflammation of the testicles, the epididymis, prostate, or the urethra.

Crystals can be a tremendous help with any impaired fertility that arises from both organic and emotional causes. However, they cannot provide a substitute for open dialogue or a healing heart to heart interchange between the affected partners.

Ocean Jasper

For Men

Ocean Jasper can help to increase sperm production.


Thulite helps with impotence and infertility that have no apparent cause. It furthers lust, sensuality, and interest in sexuality. Physically, Thulite promotes regeneration of the genitals after an inflammation.

zoisite with ruby

Zoisite can stimulate the formation of sperm. It can regenerate the genitals after inflammations. Particularly useful are Zoisite crystals containing Ruby.

citron chrysoprase

For Women

Chrysoprase can help with honest discussions between the partners.


Moonstone helps hormonal disturbances. It can assist in identifying emotional tensions in the couple. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz improves the blood circulation in the genitals. Rose Quartz furthers romance and warmth between partners.

Golden Topaz

Golden Topaz helps with functional disturbances in the ovaries.  Known to be the most successful crystal for infertility, it can help with hormonal disorders and organically-caused blockages. Emotionally, it encourages happiness, security, sexual self-confidence, self-determination, and self-realization within the couple.

For this infertility stones, wear a necklace or a pendant with direct body contact, preferably on the abdomen, or drink gem water during the day.

G  is for Grief

Grief is the emotion that occurs with broken relationships, the loss of a loved one, rejection, unrequited love, disappointment, loss of security, or essential possessions.

One of the greatest helps in connecting with grief is an attentive, discreet listener – someone to whom one can talk about everything that is causing the suffering. This way, it becomes easier to identify the real causes of what is hurting. Even if the painful circumstances do not change; as a result, the feelings of grief should then be less overwhelming. Talking it through seems to take away some of the "enormity" of the emotion, thereby once more creating "space" for the everyday aspects of life.

Crystals can support overcoming grief. They help tears flow freely, help accept the inevitable, assist in talking to others about the suffering, or enable the rediscovery of what otherwise makes one happy. The following crystals can help change our state of health and stimulate us to regain control of our life.


Amethyst helps to overcome the grief that occurs with loved ones. It encourages to recognize the meaning or significance of events. It can lead you to find comfort in the situation. One can drink an amethyst elixir.

Noble Opal

Noble Opal makes it easier to come to terms with grief and to let go of a fixation with its cause – so that it becomes easier to refocus on other areas of life. Noble Opal makes it possible to find beauty and enjoyment in life once again and find happiness therein.


Dumortierite makes it possible to openly and honestly talk with other people about grief and deep sadness. It helps one re-establish courage, confidence in the future, and other people – and regain a new, positive attitude towards life.

Jet helps overcome the blows of fate and passes through deep grief, significantly when the latter is also associated with guilt. It helps alleviate the inner, useless self-pity.


Rhodonite helps overcome the kind of grief that seems to imprison us.  It aids the wholehearted forgiveness of others. Thus, Rhodonite lifts the spirits, brings about a new readiness for life, and helps one out of seemingly hopeless situations.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline helps to cry freely, thus bringing great relief, mainly if one has not been able to cry for years. It can help unburden the heart by talking about grief.

Noble Opal

Hold a crystal (Amethyst, Tourmaline), a raw stone (Noble Opal, Jet), or a tumbled stone in your hand. Other ways are to wear as a necklace or pendant for a more extended period.

H is for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are bulging, sometimes knot-like, blood vessels above the rectal muscle caused by weak connective tissues. It can be caused by a lifestyle that includes sitting down a lot, chronic constipation, and pushing hard during a bowel movement or a connection with pregnancy.

They first start as itching, stabbing pain, or bright-red blood in the stools. Later, these may also be cracks in the skin due to permanent inflammatory states, abscesses, and extremely painful thromboses in the affected veins. In such cases, seek immediate help from a doctor. 

To avoid letting matters get that far, hemorrhoids should be encouraged to shrink as soon as possible. For this purpose, exercise such as regular walks, a diet rich in fiber, and – if necessary – treatment of the intestines to prevent constipation are all recommended. 


Agate in various forms but with a vein signature is particularly recommended for use in connection with hemorrhoids. These can be agates with circular, concentric rings (so-called Eye-Agates) that resemble cross-sections of veins or the Mexican Crazy Lace Agates with red markings, displaying the entire network veins in the rectal area correctly. Agates can be affixed above the rectum or worn in one's underwear for an external application. One can drink crystal elixir.


Amethyst may help relieve the itchiness and can be worn in one's underwear or be applied externally in the form of Hildegard von Bingen's Amethyst Water.


Heliotrope is advised when there is inflammation. It is best to apply it both externally and internally. Place a tumbled stone in one's underwear or drink gem water.


Rhodonite is used in the same way as Heliotrope when minor bleeding occurs. It furthers both the healing of the wound and the shrinkage of the hemorrhoids.

I is for Immune Health

Frequent infections and illnesses can indicate a weakened immune system. Therefore, it makes sense to strengthen one's immune system to avoid diseases and similar illnesses wherever possible. Naturally, a detoxification program will be required. 

It is worth considering alternative exercise techniques such as yoga, Tai Chi, and similar routines in the open air – as well as a regular tapping of the thymus gland (on the breastbone, between the heart and throat). Crystals can also support and help protect against illness and the regeneration of the immune system after a severe illness.


Chrysocolla is known to strengthen the immune system. It cleanses the lymphatic system. It also helps achieve more excellent emotional stability in cases of stress, indecision, and so forth.


Epidote helps to rebuild the immune defense system after a severe illness and to normalize the body functions. It eases the overcoming of frustration, grief, and self-pity and thus improves the emotional constitution.


Heliotrope helps immensely at the beginning stages of an illness. Heliotrope supports the immune system by neutralizing infection and limiting the disease. Emotionally, Heliotrope also furthers psychological self-protection and helps to ward off any unwanted influences.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is known as the best crystal for strengthening the immune system.  While supporting the tissues' detoxification, it helps the immune system's ability to react to infection. It is incredibly helpful with stubborn or very debilitating illnesses, where it brings in a new impetus to the healing process.

To support your immune health, wear a necklace or pendant or drink gem water (taken in small sips during the day).

J is for Joint Pain

Joint problems first become evident as bending and stretching pains. They are caused either by mechanical action, inflammation, or some degenerative phenomena.  While such immobility can be connected with mental paralysis, problems resulting from an enforced lifestyle change is not always the case. However, whenever there is such a connection, it is essential to be aware and highlight such issues. Always consult with your doctor as joint problems can result in severe restriction of physical mobility.

Two things are essential for a successful cure to joint pain: unrestricted circulation and regular detoxification.  The following crystals will support both these requirements.


Apatite, especially in its blue and green forms, helps with arthrosis and regenerates damaged cartilage. (Interestingly, its chemical composition is close to that of human bone and cartilage.) Place (or fix with a bandage) a tumbled stone on the joint. Drink gem water (200–300 ml taken in small sips during the day)

Rock Crystal cleanses the joints and helps with both arthritis and arthrosis. It relieves swelling and pain. Depending on each case's specific requirements, an unpolished crystal can be placed on the body in two different ways. If energy is required, the crystal should be placed on that side of the joint closest to the torso, but pointing towards the joint.  If there is a need to draw away from superfluous energy, place the crystal on the joint's opposite side. When in doubt about what is needed, try a brief test for 60 seconds, then change.

Garnet Pyrope

Garnet Pyrope helps supply the joints with energy and blood, relieves pressure pains in particular, and helps both with arthritis and arthrosis. Try wearing a necklace or pendant with body contact or drink gem water.

Garnet Pyrite

Garnet Pyrite crystals primarily help relieve pain in connection with joint problems. Nevertheless, they also cleanse the joint and, in this way, improve the effects of other crystals. They are placed directly on the painful joint or put into a small cotton bag, fixed on the joint with a bandage. Direct contact of the Pyrite with perspiration should not be allowed for too long to avoid skin irritations caused by iron sulfide compounds.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is known as the most effective crystal for arthritis. Place a crystal along the body axis or on the joints or alongside the extremities. This stimulates the energy flow that's required for healing through the joint. Furthermore, it relieves inflammation and prevents the formation of degenerative damage (arthrosis). If no crystal handy, drink gem water. Emotionally, Green Tourmaline also assists in creating open-mindedness, with a flexible and cheerful outlook. 

K is for Kidney Problems

Your kidneys are the most important excretory organ. They perform functions for our well-being while maintaining our entire fluid balance of minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and hormones. Disturbances in the kidney function resulting from pain-relieving drugs or other kinds of vital medicines can lead to a considerable loss of water, minerals, nutrients, or an accumulation of toxins and waste products.

Any pain near the kidneys should be examined and treated immediately by a doctor or an alternative practitioner. Indeed, never instigate any arbitrary treatment without the necessary professional knowledge!  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our central energy reserve, our life force, or chi, is regarded as being linked directly with the kidneys. So, put more conventionally; the health of the kidneys is connected directly to the well being of the whole. Thus it makes excellent sense to strengthen and support the kidney functions. In so doing, the kidneys' efficiency is maintained in their process of detoxification during general diseases (flu, colds, and mild infections) or in cases of low or high urine excretion. The most crucial action you can do is drink good, clean water without any additives such as sugar, flavoring, or stimulants!

tumbled chrysoprase

Chrysoprase and Chalcedony improve the flow of body fluids through the body. This alleviates stress on the kidneys. Therefore, these specific crystals should be applied as a precaution rather than for acute situations. Wear as a bracelet, necklace, pendant, or drink lots of gem water.


Nephrite and Jadeite help to obtain emotional balance and harmony in the kidneys. Drink gem water and place tumbled stones on the area over both kidneys.


Peridot assists in the release of toxins, waste substances, and urine flow. Emotionally, Peridot helps one recognize personal aspects in one's life that weaken the kidneys and help confront them.


Serpentine is known to supports all kidney functions. Place a tumbled stone, sections or slices, on the area over both kidneys – or wear as a bracelet, necklace, pendant, or gem water.

L is for Liver Health

The function of your liver is to cleanse and store. It contributes to the detoxification process and produces essential proteins for the body. It accumulates many vital substances, such as glycogen and red blood corpuscles.

The consequences of a weak liver is a weakened total organism ("tiredness is the pain of the liver") with lowered resistance to infection and other symptoms indicative of insufficient detoxification and regeneration. Therefore, it is clear that maintaining a healthy liver leads to better physical harmony and improved emotional states and general equilibrium. The following crystals can have a positive influence on this process.


Chrysoprase is the number-one choice in connection with the liver. It stimulates all liver functions and furthers the cleansing and regeneration of the organ itself. Especially useful for detoxification.


The copper silicate, Dioptase, has a refreshing effect on the liver. It's most effective if placed directly over the liver. It stimulates the liver's cleansing function, aiding the organ itself, and processes are driven by liver metabolism and liver energy in other parts of the body (e. g. in the eyes, the spinal discs, and the menisci).


Emerald furthers the healing when coping with liver disease. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and, at the same time, a cleansing and strengthening effect on essential liver function.


Epidote supports the building and storage processes in this organ. Therefore, it is mainly a recovery and regeneration crystal to be used after illnesses or after a long and challenging period.


Malachite stimulates the liver and, in particular, helps with nausea that can be traced back to liver function disturbances. Its detoxifying effect helps with afflictions caused by problems with uric acid metabolism. 

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper helps with liver diseases. It can be helpful when the liver has been dealing with alcohol abuse or malnutrition.


Zircon can be applied in particular when there is swelling of the liver.  It can help with the detoxification process and regeneration of cells. 

Place a crystal; a tumbled stone, or a flat slice/section of any of the above on the liver every night, or, if more comfortable, use sticking plaster to affix it to the area for a longer time. An alternative is to drink gem water. 

M is for Menopause

These hormonal changes, caused by a decreased estrogen generation, can cause challenges for middle-aged women. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Irregular bleeding
  • Hot flushes
  • Red skin
  • Heavy perspiration
  • Disturbed heart rhythm
  • Dizziness
  • Prickling sensations in limbs
  • Lack of sleep
  • Irritability
  • Reduced levels of performance
  • Fear and depression
  • Weight gain
  • Osteoporosis

Doctors, therefore, usually administer estrogen to slow the process or to deal with these symptoms.  Alternative practitioners go the opposite way. They ensure that the hormonal change consequences are offset by a conscious, natural way of life: a balanced diet; avoidance of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine; regular physical exercise; gym, swimming; and contrast baths. All of these measures may offset the problems mentioned above.


Moonstone is known to delay and harmonizes the estrogen drop. Try wearing a bracelet, necklace, or pendant for more extended periods (chains are recommended)

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony useful when dealing with dizziness, irritability, hot flushes, and sleeplessness. Wear this crystal as a bracelet, necklace, pendant. Or drink gem water.

N is for Nausea

Nausea is caused by stomach or intestinal diseases, over-eating, alcohol, poisoning, sunstroke, travel sickness, migraine, various kinds of inflammation, smells, grief, or nerve and brain diseases. 

As nausea is a too non-specific symptom, it is best left to a doctor or an alternative practitioner to clarify its causes – as long as it is not caused by self-evident excessive consumption of alcohol or spoiled food.

AntimoniteHere are some crystals suitable for alleviating nausea. 

Antimonite is suitable for all stomach problems with nausea and vomiting. 


Nausea arising from the gall bladder, pancreas, and stomach region can be treated with Amber.


If you then have the feeling of wanting to be sick, make Dumortierite the first port of call, if ever in doubt.

Pink Moss agate

Heliotrope and Pink Moss Agate are the crystals to use with nausea arising from intestinal infections.


Use Magnesite for nausea caused by migraine or gall bladder problems.

Ocean Jasper

Use Ocean Jasper for problems with the liver, gall bladder, intestine, and pancreas or nausea caused by worries, stress, anxiety, or unresolved conflicts.


Try Turquoise when the nausea is caused by stomach problems, including vomiting or heartburn.

Hold a tumbled stone or place a flat slice/section on the stomach for all of the above. Alternatively, wear as a necklace, pendant, or gemwater, with direct body contact for the best results.

O is for Osteoporosis

Reduced bone mass and bone structure is the cause of osteoporosis.

Women are prone to the condition as it commonly occurs with hormonal changes (menopause). A lack or deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, plus particular medication (such as cortisone), can also be a significant factor when body tissue excesses toxic deposits. Overall, metabolism is thus impeded, and together with insufficient physical exercise, this also can contribute to osteoporosis. Detoxification, which includes a diet without animal protein but rich in calcium and vitamin D, and appropriate physical activity, is crucial in avoiding osteoporosis.


Crystals with significant calcium content such as Apatite, Aragonite, Calcite, and Fluorite, stimulate the body's calcium metabolism and encourage bone growth and health.


Apatite, as calcium phosphate, is, therefore, the chief one of the four to be recommended, its chemical composition being similar to that of bone fiber. Its healing effect is particularly evident with fractures, where it stimulates the regeneration of new bone. 


Fluorite is calcium fluoride and enhances the generation of new bone substance.


Calcite and Aragonite are forms of calcium carbonates and encourage the absorption of calcium in the intestine. In turn, the metabolism then supplies the calcium to the body and boosts the skeleton's strengthening.

All four crystals complement each other perfectly well and can also be applied together. Wear them as a necklace or pendant for a more extended period, with direct body contact. Besides, drink gem water with these crystals.

R is for Revitalization/Regeneration

Revitalization or "regeneration" (Latin: regenerate "rebirth") – is a return to an original, healthy, and harmonious state of well being. Physically, regeneration means renewal or rejuvenation of our cells, tissue, and organs. Sleep provides us with our most important period of regeneration.

Healthy food rich in vitamins, daily walks, relaxing baths, and time on one's own is essential in this revitalization process. Crystals that speed up the regeneration and revitalization processes can be very supportive – although without applying for the above self-healing programs, they cannot by themselves bring about a full recovery, and their use alone will only have a short-term effect.


Epidote helps revitalization after times of great strain and severe illnesses. It is an incredibly right choice for feelings of total exhaustion or an inability for even the most straightforward activity.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper detoxifies and (through stimulation of lymph flow) boosts the nutrient supply to the body tissue and removes toxic waste. In this way, it contributes to fundamental cell renewal and physical revival. Besides, it fortifies liver function and provides both physical and energetic improvement. In parallel, it also strengthens emotional renewal and brings new hope and courage and has even been described as the "crystal bringing with it the energy of waking up on a spring day." 

Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz furthers cellular renewal and thus also the regeneration power in all cells and organs. Besides, it brings hope during challenging periods, when everything seems dark and hard to take. It helps one to "think big" and view the actual situation from a more subjective perspective.

Zoisite with Ruby

Zoisite, especially forms containing Ruby, encourages regeneration during cells and tissue sleep after inflammation or severe illness. It enhances recovery from any exhausting, strength-draining efforts or experiences.

For all of the above, wear as a bracelet, necklace, pendant, or drink gem water. They may all complement and enhance the effect of other relevant crystals during the overall healing process.

S is for Sight Problems

Weak or impaired sight is typified by an extreme reduction in the sharpness of vision. Typical causes are disease in the retina, blurring of the lenses, or impaired formation of the so-called "yellow spot" (the point upon the retina, where the eye is sharpest) and disturbances in the nerves or the brain's sight center. In turn, the latter may be connected with varying or unequal vision in the eyes or squinting. Weakened sight is not a disease in itself. Instead, it is a symptom of the consequence of many, often complex, causes.

Previous research has proven there is a close connection between the eyes and a healthy liver. Your priority is to start eating a sensible diet and drink clean water.


Agate crystal containing an eye signature is incredibly helpful in connection with diseases of the retina or choroids and any blurred vision. Agate sections/ slices or a tumbled stone with prominent inclusions of Rock Crystal are exceptionally recommended and be placed on the eyes regularly for about 15 minutes (evenings are best).

Rock Crystal is incredibly helpful in the early stages of blurring. Place a small crystal, or a tumbled stone directly on the closed eyelids. The clear, bright so-termed "Herkimer Diamonds" are particularly suitable.

Noble Opal

Chalcedony and Noble Opal improves the fluid regulation of the eye. They are helpful in cases of blurred vision and some diseases in the retina.


Chrysoberyl is helpful with impaired vision, mainly if the latter is caused by disturbances of the optic nerve or the brain's sight center. Place a crystal between the eyebrows three times a day for about 15 minutes.


Diamond will reduce toxins' accumulation around the eye, particularly if taken in the form of gem water (200–300 ml taken in small sips over the day). Diamonds can be placed directly on the closed eyes or between the eyebrows as a supplementary treatment.


Dioptase usually is connected with the liver. It can have a  positive effect on the eyes. If you have impaired vision, place a small crystal or a small group of crystals directly onto the liver. Dioptase eye drops applied simultaneously heighten the beneficial effect of the body's metabolism on the eyes.


Emerald is helpful with metabolic problems. It's known to positively affect chronic and acute infections, disturbances in the nerves, or poisoning. Regularly place it on the eyes and the liver, ideally at the same time. 

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper helps with acute or previous infections that have contributed to the impairment of sight. In such cases, it can also be worn in the form of a necklace or pendant, be placed on the liver, or be taken in gem water.


Being a tri-colored Chalcedony and an Agate-related mineral, Sardonyx is also the best and most crucial crystal in weak sight and impaired vision. It affects all the affected areas such as eye metabolism, retina, choroid, eye nerves, and the brain.


With its various color varieties (blue, pink, green, and watermelon), Tourmaline is incredibly helpful when impaired vision is caused by nerve damage. Take a crystal or a tumbled stone directly on the eyes or drink gem water.

T is for Throat Pain

Common causes are straining the voice, irritation (e. g. cigarette smoke), thyroid, gland problems, and infections (diseases in the airways, sore throat). Another common cause is emotional stress (holding something back and the resulting tenseness of something unspoken and "stuck in our throats"). Dislocated cervical vertebrae, tensed neck muscles, jaw tension and dislocations, abnormal occlusion, or teeth problems are other causes not as easily recognized. 

The throat has a connection with the lymphatic system and intestines as the mucous often takes over the detoxification job that the intestines or the lymph cannot cope with.

Allergies, especially food allergies, can hamper the problem. Intestinal cleansing is crucial when you have acute throat pains. A consultation with a professional for medical diagnosis is highly recommended.


Crystals can relieve acute throat symptoms.

Apophyllite helps a sore throat from developing into bronchitis.

AquamarineAquamarine helps with dry coughs, thyroid gland problems, and stress.



Chalcedony relieves swallowing difficulties caused by irritation from smoke or alcohol and throat pain. It can alleviate diseases of the airways, infections, allergies, and straining the voice.


Chrysocolla helps when the throat feels dry, rough, and tender. It heals swollen tonsils and the regeneration of mucous membranes.


Dumortierite helps with the problems of the alimentary tract. Further, it helps when grief, fear, or dejectedness make the throat contract. It allows one to open up and to unload the mind.

Noble Opal

Noble Opal helps with throat pain, colds, infections, swallowing problems, and an overworked lymphatic system.


Fluorite helps with irritated, raw throats. If you have a barking cough or soreness when swallowing, then you can benefit from Fluorite. Feelings of personal restriction and crises and desperate situations can all indicate a need to apply Fluorite in connection with throat pain.


Heliotrope helps fight the early stages of a cold, swallowing problems, tonsillitis, and suppressed depressive or aggressive personal feelings.

Lapis Lazuli

If you have that feeling of something stuck in our throat, Lapis Lazuli makes it easier to "swallow." It can help with loss of voice or hoarseness. 


Larimar helps can also help with loss of voice and chronic throat soreness.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate helps with stubborn coughs associated with mucus and swollen lymph nodes.

Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz must be applied when the throat pain appears to be 'moving downwards,' i. e. down into the bronchi.


Sardonyx helps with a lessening of throat pain and ear inflammation.


Emerald helps with head colds and sore throats. It is useful to use if you have blocked sinuses.


Sodalite helps with soreness in the larynx, vocal cords, parched throat, and continuous hoarseness.

The practical application is the same for all of the above is wear a necklace or a pendant on the throat. If rapid relief is required, drink gem water.

V is for Vomiting

Not an illness in itself, vomiting is a symptom with various causes.

Vomiting can also be caused by, among other things, the following; congestion and irritation of the stomach (e.g., because of alcohol), general feverish illnesses (particularly in children), stomach/intestinal diseases, gall bladder colic, metabolic disorders, various types of inflammation, poisoning or migraine. Besides, unpleasant experiences, smells, disgust, shocking images or sights, etc. may also result in vomiting.

If vomiting provides relief and helps eliminate anything that cannot be digested, it should not be suppressed. If you feel nausea after vomiting, it can be relieved with healing crystals or other remedies. The cause of the vomiting should always be clarified with a doctor or an alternative practitioner. 

Rock Crystal relieves vomiting that is accompanied by intense nausea and unproductive retching. Either hold a natural crystal in hand or hold it on the stomach, pointing upwards. 


Dumortierite relieves nausea and vomiting and is incredibly helpful when the stomach is empty. Try holding a tumbled stone or a flat section on the stomach or to wear a necklace or a pendant on the body. Sipping gem water helps. 


Malachite is useful when you still need to "get rid of" consumed liquids or food in your stomach. Place a tumbled Malachite stone in the mouth for a short while, hold it on the stomach, or drink gem water.

W is for Warts

Warts are virus-based growths that show up on the skin. They can be contagious if a tendency toward the formation of warts is present. Flat warts are soft, round, mall knots, which often occur in relatively large numbers, but only cause little discomfort.

Popular and home-based folk remedies for their treatment include moistening the wart with one's urine (for several weeks!), the use of oil of red thyme and tea tree, or fixing a clove of garlic with sticking plaster directly on the wart.

Amethyst, Heliotrope, Peridot, and Amber have turned out to be the most suitable minerals for removing warts, with Peridot demonstrating the best results.


Amethyst is most effective in a Amethyst bottle.  Check out our crystal water bottle reviews left by previous customers who have used crystals to improve their wellness.

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