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An Spiritual Overview of The Energy Systems In The Body

If you look in the mirror, chances are you see your physical body. You notice skin, hair, and nails. You see a face and some of your sensory organs. You may notice the clothes you wear, your facial expression, your build, and the structure created from what lies under the surface: your muscles, bones, fat, and organs.

We are most acquainted with our physical body because we perceive it through our five senses. We spend a great deal of time tending to our physical needs because they will not be ignored. We need to eat and sleep. We need to move and rest. When we are sick, we need to heal. When we are in pain, we want it to stop. Your physical body’s needs are immediate and pressing, and you are always aware of them. Your body contains your various physical systems and organs, such as your nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, and so on.

Your physical body also includes your brain, which is the embodied component of your mind. You use your brain on a daily basis. It controls multiple bodily functions, both those you control consciously (thinking, speaking, walking, talking, etc.) and those that are automatic (breathing, digestion, heartbeat, etc.). Your brain (and nervous system) is also the part of your body that allows you to perceive physical sensations like pain or pleasure or notice sensory input, such as touch, taste, sight, smell, and sounds. Your brain is part of your mind, but it isn’t all of it. Your mind also has a nonphysical element, which is your consciousness. It’s the part of you that senses, feels, and dreams. It is the part where ego exists and where the idea of separation and duality takes root. Your mind is what causes you to perceive your existence and experience in three-dimensional space.

Finally, there’s a part of you that’s completely nonphysical, something you may refer to as your spirit or soul. This is the higher part of you that is eternal. It is multidimensional and exists outside of the 3-dimensional space in which your body lives. Spirit is your connection to higher realms including creation, source, God, and Divinity. Spirit is responsible for innate, inspiration, intuition, creativity, love, compassion, kindness, and humility.

All three of these aspects exist in you, and your energetic systems, or energy anatomy, provide the connection between the three: body, mind, and spirit. Your energy systems provide the connection points between the physical and nonphysical realms. Your energetic system has three parts, which include your chakras, meridians, and aura.


Your aura is the energy field that surrounds you. Everything that is alive has an aura including trees, plants, animals, and people. The aura is your energetic imprint, which extends outward from your body. Auras come in different colors that change constantly depending on moods and emotions, illnesses or health, and a zillion other qualities that affect your electromagnetic field. Kirlian photographers can capture images of your aura by subjecting a photographic plate to a strong electric field.

your aura

Your aura is both protective and reactive. It reacts to anything that affects your energy, and it also holds energy close to you. Many energy healers start a vibrational healing session by sweeping the aura to cleanse it of any negative energies that have become trapped there.

Your aura has multiple layers and planes that reflect different energetic aspects of your being. Closest to your body is your physical energy aura, which reflects what is happening energetically in your physical body. A little further out is the astral aura, which reflects your emotional state. Next come lower and higher mental auras, each a little further from the body. These reflect the thought patterns of your brain and the thought patterns of your mind. Next is the spiritual aura, which reflects your spiritual aspects, such as your understandings, spiritual learning, and more. In the next layer is information about your dreams and intuition. Finally, the farthest away from the body is the absolute aura plane, a balancing part of your aura that helps integrate all of the other layers. It is in this layer where your entire spiritual blueprint lies. It holds your Akashic DNA. Your Akash (or Akashic record) is that part of your eternal soul that stores all of your experiences and understandings throughout every incarnation and spiritual evolution from the beginning of your existence through now.


Another energetic system that ties your physical to the spiritual is your meridian system. Meridians are a network of nonphysical and physical channels through which your life force energy (sometimes called chi, qi, or prana) flows. These meridians run through your physical body, and when they become blocked, imbalance can occur. Modalities like acupuncture and acupressure release these blockages and allow the life force energy to flow freely. Activities like yoga and martial arts also work with this life force energy, encouraging it to flow optimally throughout the body to create balance.



Chakras are energetic centers that run through your body’s core. Energy flows through your chakras, and each has its own energetic imprint. These energetic centers connect the body, mind, and spirit, sharing information and energy between the physical and nonphysical aspects of you. You have seven main chakras, as well as multiple minor chakras. When chakras are blocked, underactive, or overactive, energetic imbalance occurs. Many of the tools and activities we discuss focus on the chakra system.

About The Author

Karen Frazier is the author of multiple books about crystals and energy healing including Crystals for Beginners, Crystals for Healing, An Introduction to Crystal Grids, The Crystal Alchemist, Reiki Healing for Beginners, and The Little Book of Energy Healing. Karen is also an intuitive energy healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, crystal healer, and sound healer.

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