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Cool Ways To Use Crystal Water

Before we talk about HOW to use crystal water, lets get weird and dive into the SCIENCE behind crystal water aka gem elixirs.

For all human and non-human animals on this planet - we know that water is an ultimate pillar of health - right?

In fact, it is part of my 5 elements that must be in balance in order to heal your immune system - whether its healing from autoimmunity or just keeping it in good working order in general. (That pesky immune system is suddenly in the global spotlight, am I right?)

Drinking enough water is critical to combat fatigue, to keep the body from storing toxins, to keep healthy skin, to inflate those pads in between your joints (like your knees and between the vertebrae in your back). Drinking enough water also prevents seasonal allergies, keeps your blood flowing quite literally and helps keep you able to workout longer (running or lifting).

Reason Why You Should Drink Water

And if you have been looking at ways to make it more effective you may have stumbled across a term called “structured water.” Guess what? Crystal water IS structured water and it packs even more benefits!

Crystal water is a way to get all of the benefits of structured water without a fancy machine that costs a few hundred (or more dollars). You get crystal water simply from incorporating crystals into your water.

How Much Water Do I Need?

Unfortunately the arbitrary standard of eight, 8 oz glasses or 64 oz of water a day, is just enough to keep you alive. Is not enough for you to reap any of the benefits around true health and vitality.

For most humans, you need to drink a minimum of a gallon of water or 128 ounces per day to get the real benefits of water. If you weigh less than 120 lbs, then you can drink your body weight in ounces as a starting point. Crazy right...

What Is “Crystal Water”?

Crystal water - structured water - and gem water are all the same thing! The interwebs are really up in battle over what constitutes structured water and what doesn’t and if it is even possible.

In truth, there are multiple methods to “structure” water and I do believe that current science, a Nobel prize-winning study, and a few physics principles pretty well explain it. And while this theory of crystalwater or structured water being the optimal refreshment and the practice of using it is a long way from being able to discuss its benefits with your local family doc - in many health fields - this is a respected practice.

Many of you probably remember from middle school science that a water molecule is 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom - making up the common abbreviation for water H2O - right?

The claim for many of the structured water machines are that passing water through a vortex “structures” it and that structure changes the molecule to H3O - this, in my opinion science does not support this - here’s why - H3O is possible but it is not water.


inspector checking bags
It reminds of when I was at the airport traveling to Florida back last fall - security stopped me because I had my crystal elixir water bottle. They inspected it and determined it wasn’t dangerous BUT the TSA agent wanted to know why in the heck I was drinking water with crystals in it. So being the teach spirit that I am, I explained the science, and he looked at me and said “but if you rearrange the molecular structure of water - you don’t have water any more?” and I said “ah great point - YOU DO! As long as you don’t rearrange the ATOMIC structure” He sat there and thought until I finally said - “I’m sorry am I free to go?”

So that leads me to the description of structured crystal water that I feel is supported by science. The descriptions of structured water include that the molecules rearrange themselves into a hexagonal structure but not changing their atomic structure - this I have found over tons of research and training is deeply rooted in science.


Dr. Masru Emoto

In fact if you have heard of Dr. Masru Emoto - he first discovered that water is “impressionable” meaning that water molecules change with the energy of words. If you “speak kindness” to water it creates beautiful hexagonal structures with its molecules. Unfortunately - many of Emotos studies were widely criticized especially after his book went mainstream in the healing world in 2004.

In 2006, he was fully redeemed - when molecular biologist Gilbert Ling won the Nobel prize for proving what Dr. Emoto had already theorized that water can change and hold the change in its molecular structure. He even took it further and proved that not only does water change and hold its molecular shape BUT that the water in our human cells has a specific molecular pattern - hexagonal.

I know this can seem like a LOT to wrap your head around. So I will use the example of more tangible and visible objects that when molecules are rearranged become something different.

Let’s look at carbon for example: structured one way it is a lump of coal structured another way it is a diamond.

OR Silicon Dioxide SiO2 - structured one way it's a quartz crystal - structured another it is just glass. Pretty cool right?

Same thing we are doing with water here!

Now once these studies came to light, manufacturers jumped at the opportunity to create these fancy machines - full of plastic and using magnets and a high pressure vortexing systems and costing lots of money to create structured water. But I am excited to explain to you today that there IS a better way and a way that honors your innate connection to the earth and nature.

Benefits Of Structured Crystal Water

First let's talk about the benefits of just plain ol’ structured water. They mirror the benefits of hydration we mentioned before, but as you may already know, layering the beneficial energies enhances those benefits even more.

Structured water increases energy, supports concentration and focus, promotes optimal weight or your set weight point, improves sleep, supports your immune system to function normally (hello autoimmune sufferers), helps to detoxify the body and promotes optimal digestion.

Sounds great right?

Benefits Of Structured Water

How To Make Crystal Water Work As Structured Water

What most google searches and holistic health experts would have you do - is purchase a very expensive water structure machine that is full of plastic and using magnets and a high pressure vortexing system and costing lots of money to create structured water.

But as I promised we are going to make it supported in science and a deep connection to nature and mama earth because I feel that science in both physics and metaphysics supports this even more and I am all about simple and sustainable.

So how? By placing crystals in our water. Yes - crystal water IS structured water.

I know I know - sounds simple right? Maybe a little woo-woo. And for sure - I get it. But this is also that deep connection to mama earth who forms these crystals and the science of the structured water.

You see this works because of a few principles - and yes we are going to get into the science here again - but not too terribly deep.

Everything is matter - you, me, the chair you sit in, the sound of my voice. At the very micro level - atom level - we are just a bunch of atoms vibrating together. This is the same for crystals too. But if you zoom out a level to the molecular level (a molecule consists of 2 or more bonded atoms) our human suits are messy and subject to something called entropy. Entropy is a physics principle that rules our propensity to chaos.

Stick with me here - crystals have a perfect molecular structure that is resistant to entropy. We know that energy influences things around it - with the higher energy winning. (Think of the tuning for demonstration - you can set 2 tuning forks across the room from one another and strike one...and the other one rings without being touched… energy influencing something else.)

So one way you can harness that benefit is by taking a crystal with very high resistance to entropy (molecular chaos) and introducing it to something with a very low resistance to entropy like water (or humans in crystal energy sessions).

Placing a (water safe) crystal into your water influences the molecular structure of the water and creates “structured” water via crystalwater.

Is Crystal Water Dangerous?

In short no - they have the benefit of water PLUS the benefits of structured water AND the benefits of the stone that is being used.

There are some caveats - you do have to use a stone that is safe - there is a really good list of toxic stones - so ones that you should never put directly into your water here. That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful in crystal water - it just means that you have to use an indirect method.

Any stones that are quartz based are generally safe - so things like clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, etc. However often these stones are polished with substances that are toxic and water soluble. So for daily consumption, I recommend using the indirect method of creating gem water regardless of your stone - this also opens you up to using the properties that some of the other stones contain. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite indirect combinations for general wellbeing:

  • Destress Crystal Water for calming, intuition, patience with amethyst and clear quartz.
  • Love Crystal Water for unconditional love, caring, and friendship with rose quartz and clear quartz
  • Balance Crystal Water for grounding, releasing tension, and bringing clarity with smokey quartz and clear quartz
  • Energy Crystal Water for motivation, creativity, and self-improvement with common citrine, blue apatite and clear quartz.
  • Protection Crystal Water for energy protection and spiritual cleansing with black tourmaline and clear quartz.
  • Self-belief Crystal Water for encouragement, unlocking your potential, and positive thinking with green beryl and clear quartz.
  • Courage Crystal Water for strength, endurance, vitality with hematite and clear quartz.
  • Manifest Crystal Water for personal power, inspiration, and success with blue apatite and clear quartz.
gemstone well crystal water bottle

There are lots and lots of advanced techniques for this - so if you are after something different than I offer here - I would love to see you join our Crystal Club get access to 2 new live online crystal health classes per month and lots of other perks.  I have free videos on my favorite gem water recipes that you should check out.

The way to make this incredibly simple - I highly recommend grabbing our Gemstone Well crystal infused water bottle - where the crystals don’t actually touch the water - but the water structure is influenced by the crystals that are next to it. I have a couple of these and I love them!

The way to create crystal water right now, while you're waiting for your healing crystal water bottle to arrive, is with a simple mason jar and crystals. You can amp either up using thermal energy or prana from the sun to create staying power for the structure in your crystal water - some studies show as long as 30 days!

Making A Crystal Elixir

Here are the steps:

Simply gather your supplies - crystals you want to use, water, a pitcher or other glass vessel to put it in, something to cover it.

1. Place the water in the jar, with a lid, and head out to your fav sunny spot.

2. Take the stones you selected and place it around the glass jar, leave it out there for a few hours and voila! Structured Water via Crystal Water using your natural connection to nature and earth medicine. Cool right!

Alternatively you can use a smaller glass that fits inside of a larger glass too! You can drink this water daily or use small “doses” of it to influence the structure of larger water too.

3. Most information indicates this structure can last 30-45 days.

Cool Ways To Use Crystal Water


cat drinking gem water (crystal water)

1. Use Crystal Water in your skin care products. Are you making your own skin care or hair care products - just add crystal water in lieu of any other water in the batch or add a few drops as a nice addition. You can use the crystal water full strength as a toner or topical treatment as well.

2. Use Crystal Water with your pets. You can add crystal water to your pets water bowl in order to help them with all sorts of issues and support their needs as well.

3. Use Crystal Water to water your plants and turn your brown thumb green!

To Wrap This Up

Water is critical for every function in your body. You, we, all of us are just molecules predisposed to chaos. The molecular structure of water MATTERS, just like that of carbon (like we talked about). Using water that more closely matches the molecular structure of water in our cells by creating crystal water is beneficial to our energetic and physical well being.

Remember, you need 1 gallon of water a day minimum (unless you are less than 120 lbs) and you can simply amp up the healing power of that water and your connection to mama earth and the cycles of nature but incorporating crystal water into your hydration.

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