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How To Identify Signs Of Negative Energy In Your House

Detecting signs of negative energy in your home is probably one of the essential skills that you could ever learn. Negative energy has been known throughout the ages to have harmful side effects on us and our lives.

There are different signs of negative energies that we all will deal with at some point or another, yet knowing how to detect and remove these energies early on can save us a lot of trouble and, in some extreme cases, our lives.

Our homes are, in fact, the extension of us as people. It is where we go to relax, unwind, and spend time with our families. Our house is supposed to be a sanctuary where we can go to find peace from the outside world, but what happens when our homes begins to feel more like a warzone than a tranquil, safe space?

‘Learning to detect and remove negative energies early on can help you maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.’

This blog post will cover a few techniques for detecting these energies and removing them quickly. It is important to remember that the quicker you deal with them, the better. Bad energy has a way of wrapping itself around the people it comes into contact with in hopes it can stay. This is why quick, deliberate action is needed to remove it and keep it gone effectively. 

5 Point Checklist

How to Know if You Need to Take Action

That One Room

Pay attention to how you feel in your home. Each room in your house must have a peaceful, welcoming feeling. If there are specific spaces (1) that feel unnaturally uncomfortable for prolonged periods, or (2) a particular room in the house where fighting always breaks out. This terrible energy around you needs to be taken care of.

Feeling Emotional & Tearful for No Reason

Our homes tend to absorb energies from us and all those who have lived in them before us. If you have recently moved and all of a sudden you are feeling emotional and tearful for no apparent reason, there is a substantial chance that you need to take action. 

Feeling Confused & Drained

The big thing to remember with negative energy is that it clings to positive energy. It’s just physics. Positive, negative. Even so, it can be dangerous. If you feel drained, unmotivated, and confused, a sound energy clearing will help sort that out. 

A Sudden Infestation Out of The Blue

One telltale sign that something is off in a big way is a sudden infestation of insects and bugs. If you have never had a severe problem with roaches, insects, or bugs, and one fine day, they all creep out of nowhere; it's time to cleanse your space immediately. There could be an underlining problem in these rare cases, such as the evil eye or black magic that has been used against you.

Things Going Wrong All At Once

If you have had a series of unfortunate events all happen in a short space of time, this too could be an indicator that not all is at seems. If other signs in this checklist accompany these events, it is highly advised that you move quickly to sort it out.

If you have been experiencing one or more of these indicators listed above, it is time to take action to confirm your suspicions. One of the easiest ways to identify with certainty that you are dealing with signs of negative energies and not just a typical case of life is to try the glass of water technique.

This is a simple yet very effective way to see if this is going on. It is imperative to remember that in some cases of having bad energies in your home, it can affect how people behave and interact with one another. Essentially this is why it is crucial to take action when you suspect this might be the case. 

The Glass of Water Technique

salt and water bowl technique

A Simple Indicator

You will need:

- A clean, sturdy glass

- Water

What to do:

· Fill the glass up with water leaving just enough to carry it without spilling any water.

· Place the glass in a dark corner, ideally where it can not be seen.

· Do not look at it or touch it for the next full 24 hours. 

· Go back the following day and take a look at the water.

· If the water looks the same way as when you put it in its place, you do not have negative energy in that room.

· If you see bubbles and strange things in the water that was not there the day before - you have a problem in that room.

How to Get Rid of The Negative Energy

4 Powerful Methods That Work Almost Instantly

How to Cleanse Your House With Salt - The Salt & Water Bowl Technique

Never underestimate the power of salt. As much as it can either make or break a well-cooked dish, it has the same power to remove bad vibes. This technique is a powerful one that works overnight to cleanse your home. Sometimes it will take a few applications, a few days in a row, to be most effective. 

You will need:

· Sea Salt 

· White bowl

· Gem charged water

What to do:

· Take your sea salt and put it in a big glass bowl.

· Work the salt through your hands while thinking about getting rid of the negative energy. You can also pray and ask your higher power for blessings and intervention.

· Take the salt and make a circle on the floor with it, big enough so that your white bowl will fit inside it with a bit of space all around. Make sure that the circle of salt has no gaps.

· Take your bowl, place it in the center of the circle, and fill it up with your gem charged water. Black Tourmaline is best for this purpose. You can also ask for blessings on your water while charging it with your gems before doing this step. In which case, charge it overnight the day before or over a few days for extra potency. 

· Make sure to leave enough space at the top of the bowl to add the leftover salt at the end.

· Now, take the bowl of salt and place salt in every corner of your home. Be sure not to forget any corners. You can also put it in your cupboards if you feel the need to do so.

· When you have finished placing the salt, please take all the leftover salt and put it gently inside the bowl of water. At this time, you can ask your higher power to oversee the removal of any energies.

· This technique should ONLY be done at NIGHT. 

· In the morning, sweep up the salt circle, take the water bowl, and flush it all down the toilet. Be sure not to allow any of the water to splash anywhere. Take your time and be gentle with it.

· Immediately then vacuum or sweep up the salt from around the house and flush it down the toilet. 

· You should feel immediately lighter. This technique can be done repeatedly until all the negative energy has left your house, being sure to only do this at night and not in the day. 

How To Burn Sage To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

how to burn sage

One very popular method to remove negative energy from your home is with Sage. Sage has been used throughout the ages as a holy herb that chases negativity and blesses any family. There is a little known secret to effective sage burning that you will learn with this step-by-step method.

You will need: 

· Sage

· Stainless steel frying pan with an old lid

· Matches

What to do: 

· Open all your curtains, doors, and windows wide to allow in ample air and light. 

· Take your sage and place it in the pan.

· Light it with your matches and blow on it while asking your higher power for guidance and protection.

· Get the ends well lit and allow it to catch fire for a moment.

· With your frying pan lid, dampen the flame until it is smoldering hot and not burning.

· Taking your pan by the handle, with the lid in your other hand, begin by working your way from the back of your house to your front door.

· You can use a feather to disperse the smoke or any other method that feels right to you.

· Be sure to keep the lid close by, as if the sage catches light all by itself in certain areas. This is where you will need to pray and chase the energy hardest. Sage will not generally catch flame once it has been lit, but if it does, that is a sign that you have found a dense energetic hot spot. Keep fanning that spot with the smoke and putting out the flame with your lid.

· When the sage no longer catches flame, the negative energy has left the building.

· Remember to fan the top ceiling corners properly and all doorways as you work through your house towards your front door.

· While you do this, tell the energy to leave your home and not return. This is why opening doors and windows work best. It needs space to escape. Commence this process from the back to the front of the house. When you have an unwanted house guest, which door would you ask them to leave through?

Crystals for Negative Energy Removal

Crystals can make you feel comfortable and energized around your own home. They can work on their own or using them to make gem water. They work great with our other methods, like wearing them.

Two crystals every property should have for malicious energy removal are:

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a powerful stone for overcoming negative emotions. If you are holding onto negative energy, smoky quartz will help you to let it go by reducing the vibrational frequency of these emotions like anger, stress, or anxiety. Its grounding effects will help align the energy within your home. 

You can place pyramids in the main rooms at home and place smaller tumbled stones in drawers or cupboards. Make yourself a crystal elixir recipe using smoky quartz and clear quartz crystals and sip on it throughout the day.

crystal to remove negative energy


Black Tourmaline

As a black stone, it's usually the first crystal mentioned when healers talk about negative energy. It's known to absorb negativity and destructive forces while encouraging harmony and peace. It will guard you against radiation and pollutants while neutralizing internal conflicts.

Try using black tourmaline and clear quartz to make crystal water that you can consume in your home or hold tumbled stones in your hand for a couple of minutes when you need to protect yourself from negative people or when you need to wake up your mind.

best crystal to remove negative energy


Epsom Salts & Methylated Spirits

When all else fails, it’s time to haul out the big guns. This method is for those hard to remove, ingrained energies that won’t take the hint. You have already asked nicely, and by this time, it’s getting ridiculous. This technique was trendy as far back as the 1900s. All our grandmothers could not have been wrong. 

It's highly advised that you wear a protective mask and goggles while using this method with as much ventilation throughout the house as possible. The toxins in the methylated spirits can harm you if you’re not careful.

What you will need: 

· Epsom Salts (quite a bit)

· Methylated Spirits

· Ovenproof dish

· Matches

· Safety mask and goggles

What to do:

· Beginning at the rear of the house and ending at your front door, burn the salts as follows. 

· Take your ovenproof dish and put half a cup of Epsom Salts inside it. 

· Take the Metholated Spirits and pour just a little over the Epsom Salts.

· With your protective gear on and all the windows and doors open, light the salts.

· If the salt is burning black, it is absorbing the negative energy.

· As you change the burnt salt for fresh salt, flush it down the toilet. 

· When the salts start to burn white and are no longer burning black, you have successfully removed any negative energy in that space. Work from room to room until, in each room, the salts burn white. 

· Repeat this throughout your home until finally ending at your front door. 

· This technique is the 'grand daddy' of all methods. If you suspect having an entity in your home has been causing problems and not so much, just stagnant energy - this is for you. If not, it is highly advised to try the other methods first.

Here is a video demonstrating this process.

Getting rid of negative energy can sometimes be difficult and tedious, yet we hope you found this article informative and useful in searching for the perfect solution. Please let us know your stories as you begin to master these techniques. We always love to hear your feedback and first-hand experience.

Remember to check out our gemstone bottles for charging up your water. It’s a great way to replenish your soul and cleanse your home when you need it most.  

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