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Soji Energy vs. Vitajuwel vs. Glacce: An In-Depth Review

Crystals have become part of many modern lives. Not only do they look great as décor, jewelry, and lighting replacements, they also provide a form of spiritual healing. This ancient form of medicine has re-emerged and is now known as alternative and complementary healing.

There are hundreds of different crystals and stones. Each one comes with a set of healing abilities. From healing a broken mind to removing negative energy from your body. Crystals have proven to be a great source of body and soul enlightenment when combined with meditation and other self-reflective and cleansing practices.

It has come to such a point that some manufacturers have taken it further to create crystal water bottles. Companies like Glacce, Soji Energy and Vitajuwel sell glass bottles with built-in giant crystals. Add water to the bottle, and the crystal charges the water with peace, good health, and positivity.

But is this real? Or only a hoax? In this review, we take a deep dive into the crystal waters of different bottles produced by Glacce, Soji Energy, and Vita Juwel compared to the Gemstone Well crystal water bottle.

We'll look at:  

  • Company Overviews
  • Pros and Cons
  • Value for Money
  • Water Bottle Design
  • Crystal Options
  • User Reviews
  • Overall Comparisons


Crystal Water Bottle Company Overview

To understand these companies a bit better, let's look at their backgrounds.

Soji Energy is the brainchild of owner Rebecca Coon. Not even two years old, the company has quickly gained popularity. Owning a Soji crystal water bottle has become all the rage, and customers are loyal in that they build their collection with Soji water dispensers, beauty high trays, and high rollers.

Soji's owner claims that all crystals used in the creation of Soji bottles are ethically sourced to create a powerful healing experience for the user.

Vita Juwel is now selling in 70 countries. Jewel water bottles were designed explicitly in glass to help save the world against plastic pollution and being the first-ever crystal water bottle on the market.

Vitajuwel's idea of the first gemstone vial started in 2007 by the family's father, Ewald, who made it a regular habit to add freshly picked crystals from German mountain streams in his kids' water bottles.

Glacce's founder, Sharon Leslie, has stated that the brand tries to be more eco-friendly as time goes on. The Glacce packaging for the water bottle is made from recycled materials. Regardless of its good intentions, Glacce isn't transparent about its origin and founding story. They provide vague details on their site about when the company was founded and where they source their stones from.

Click here to read the Gemstone Well company overview.

Pros and Cons of Crystal Water Bottles

All crystal water bottle companies have a few downfalls and significant advantages.

Looking at numerous Soji Energy water bottle reviews, Vitajuwel reviews, and Glacce customer reviews, the following pros and cons stand out:

Pros Cons
Soji Energy - The Soji water bottle features interchangeable crystal points, however they are sold seperately
- Soji Energy water bottle reviews testify that the design is gorgeous
- The company has a few other crystal products that users enjoy
- Free shipping for USA customers
- Expensive
- Consumers report long waiting time for order, orders not received, and product leaking 
- Soji crystal bottle made from acrylic glass
- No warranty available
- Only six different crystal points available
- Only compatible with Soji Crystal points
Vitajuwel - The company caters to all international markets in different languages
- Features a unique and patented design
- Dishwasher safe
- Bottles come in many different designs and crystal blends
- Separate compartment for stone
- Bottles made from glass
- Vitajuwel reviews on Amazon state that the product arrived broken and shattered 
- Bottle is heavy and challenging to carry freely
- Some reports of rusting 
- No warranty
- Owned by an overseas company
- Can’t add your gems into the pod
Glacce - Minimalistic design and color that appeal to some users
- Glacce bottle is made from glass
- Excellent online presence and social media following
- Limited crystal points available (only five crystals available)
- Only compatible with Glacce crystal points, can’t add your own
- Consumers have reported that the few products available are almost always sold out and that the crystals are of low quality – with a suspicion that they aren’t real 
- Design isn’t as sleek as or luxurious as others
- No warranty on glass bottle
Gemstone Well

- USA Family-owned business
- Gems are entirely interchangeable, and users can even add their own gems and combinations
- Glass water bottle with a lifetime warranty
- Company and its crystals are certified by the Gemological Institute Of America

- Their old design of the bottle did occasionally leak, reviews have confirmed that issue is resolved.
- They did not patent their bottle soon enough, now there are inferior copycat brands emerging

What Crystal Water Bottle Is Value For Money?

Let's have a look at how prices and costs compare.

Soji Crystal Bottle retails at $94. Additionally, users can buy different interchangeable crystal points that retail at $50 each. Crystals available are rose quartz, amethyst quartz, smoky quartz, black obsidian, clear quartz, and citrine quartz. It even features a considerable crystal point for water dispensers that retail at $225.

The ever so popular Jewel water bottles, also known as ViA gemstone water bottles, vary between $78-$330. Depending on the gemstone blend, the price will increase. The most affordable water bottle is the ViA wellness that retails at $78, and the most expensive the ViA Diamonds that retail at $330. You can choose between 13 different gem blends that are interchangeable. Although they are interchangeable, you do need to buy each of them separately.

Glacce offers its customers a limited choice between 5 different crystal point gems ranging between $80-$100. One-colored crystals available are smoky quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, and black obsidian.

Considering that none of these bottles come with a replacement bottle, they all should be purchased, making them expensive if you want more than one crystal in your life. 

Compared to the Gemstone Well, that retails at only $49.99. Additional gemstones can be bought for $14.99. Gemstone Well water bottle users aren’t bound to the gemstone options. Users are encouraged to add their gemstone combinations in the lower compartment – making this purchase even more valuable.

You will receive great value for money with all the wonderful extra goodies in your delivery box. Your purchase includes the crystal blend, a protective neoprene sleeve, maintenance and care information, and lifetime warranty. Check out the unboxing by holistic healer Audrey Christie right here.

vitajuwel crystal water bottle

Crystal Options

VitaJuwel has put a lot of effort into creating their unique gemstone blends. Naturopathic doctors test all gem pod combinations from Vitajuwel, ultimately determining what the pods are best from, ranging from regenerating and rejuvenating to luck and optimism.

Compared to a skimpier Soji Energy, only six crystal points options and Glacce with only five options are available.

Gemstone Well offers clients eight different gem options (smoky quartz, blue apatite, black tourmaline, citrine and blue apatite, green beryl, hematite, amethyst, and rose quartz. They come in a little organza bag and can be added and swapped around.

It’s essential to understand the dangers of crystals in direct contact with the water, especially if you aren’t sure where the crystals are sourced and what process they went through to be shiny and shaped. Keeping this in mind, only Vitajuwel and Gemstone Well provide totally separate compartments for their gems.

Crystal Bottle User Reviews

When it comes to online reviews, one can't always be sure whether they are real or fake. After some digging, we found numerous quality and honest thoughts on all three companies. And here is what they had to say.

Soji Energy has a decent online user reviews apart from customers' complaints about waiting too long for shipping and receiving lousy customer service – Check out the negative complaints here.

Many online users search for Vitagem, which is a clear indication of VitaJuwel's impact on the public and the quality of their naturally and ethically sourced gems. Their gem pods have gotten great reviews, and many users love the color mixtures that provide a variety of different healing combinations.

Unfortunately, Glacce has gotten the short end of the user review stick. Many consumers complained about the product's quality, and one buyer said that the crystal shattered into pieces – wondering whether it was just a piece of glass.

In many cases, users have complained about products arriving at their doorstep, either broken or with loose gems.

Crystal Water Bottle Designs

Users will purchase the bottle not only for the health benefits but also for its overall physical appeal. Let's have a closer look at how these companies' bottle designs compare to each other.

Soji Crystal Bottle

Soji Energy's website claims that many of their designs are patent-pending, raising some cause of concern. Regardless, the Sojienergy bottle is made from bpa-free borosilicate glass and durable stainless-steel lids. It can hold 24 oz of liquid and is dishwasher safe.

Vitajuwel Water Bottle

Made from premium, pollutant-free glass, the Jewel water bottle (as some call it) holds a bottom piece that's known as a GemPod. This piece is interchangeable and can be filled with different hand-picked precious gemstones. The Vitajuwel water bottle opens at both ends for easy cleaning and can hold 16 oz of fresh drinking water.

The bottle is made from bpa-free plastic, silicone, borosilicate glass, and stainless steel. It's dishwasher safe, and the gempod should be disassembled before use. 

Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Even though Glacce claims to manufacture only handmade bottles, 'like we did years ago in Colorado,' says founder Sharon Leslie. The irony of this statement is that the Glacce water bottles aren't manufactured in the US, but rather 'made in China.' To cover up where the bottles are 'handmade,' the company plays it off as a group of creative individuals who take pride in their work.

Glacce crystal elixir water bottle features a handle loop on the top lid. Even though this is for easy-to-carry purposes, it gives the design a cheap non-luxurious look. The bottle is also said to be fragile and should be handled with care. It can hold 18 oz of water.

All of the above companies claim to have no leakage and anti-rust design. Even though some reviews have stated otherwise, it is essential to keep your glass water bottle clean and dry when not in use.

Gemstone Well Elixir2Go Water Bottle

Made from high-quality, durable, and pollutant-free borosilicate glass, the gemstone water bottle can hold 16 oz and is leak-free. A standout feature of the Gemstone Well water bottle design is that the lower compartment is entirely separate from the upper water chamber so there is no chance of water toxicity or contamination.

Another stand out feature is that once you unscrew the lower compartment, you have the freedom to add your very own gems. The unit comes with a neoprene sleeve for added protection that will avoid breakage during shipping and transportation. 

Soji Energy VitaJuwel Glacce Gemstone Well
Bottle Prices $94.99 $78-$300 $80-$100 $49.95
Additional Gemstone Prices $50 $84-$106 N/A $14.95
Certified Crystals No Yes No Yes
High Quality Borosilicate Glass Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Replacement Warranty No No No Yes
USA Company Yes No Yes Yes
Unique Bottle Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Use Your Own Crystals No No No Yes
Indirect Infusion Method No Yes No Yes
Free Delivery Yes No Yes Yes
Ongoing Education To Buyers No No No Yes

Our Final Thoughts

At first glance, all of these companies' products look gorgeously appealing. But after this in-depth look, it is clear which product gives the best value for money. Gemstone Well Crystal Water bottles are the definite frontrunner; you get a lifetime warranty on the glass bottle and can use your own crystals with the unit for a fraction of the other three’s prices.

Sure, VitaJuwel, Glacce, and SojiEnergy crystal water bottles are beautiful, and they have loads of famous influencers promoting their products. Unfortunately, this means that you are paying extra for the brand and not necessarily the outcome.

When you opt for a Gemstone Well product, you’ll receive value for money while enjoying all the healthy benefits from drinking water from a luxurious crystal bottle.

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