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My Favorite Gem Water Recipes

I bet you have your new crystal water bottle filled up and ready to keep your hydration at an ohm-worthy status!
As I have mentioned in the previous emails, one of the biggest benefits to the Gemstone Well crystal water bottle is that you can change the crystals at your choosing! That means ENDLESS + SAFE combinations of crystal healing elixirs are right at your fingertips.
At Gemstone Well, we have created some of my favorite gem water recipes based over a decade of experience in 1:1 and group crystal healing sessions - in the video below I will explain what crystal to use (and show off some of my sparkly specimens) so you know how you can best mix and match to amp up your healing vibes.
Before I do, I want to remind you, because I am talking about some powerful stuff in the video - don’t forget that I am not your doctor and I don’t play one on the internet. We recommend gem elixirs as part of a holistic wellness plan - but not a replacement. Ultimately you are responsible for your human suit, mmkay? 
Now dive into the video below - because its sooooooo good! 

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Here is a secret link for another 15 Tried and Tested Gem Water Mixtures if you are interested.

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