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Tried And Tested Gem Water Mixtures For Therapeutic Treatments

gem water recipes

Gem Water offers a whole new approach to using crystals. If you have ever been intrigued by the healing qualities of crystals, get this FREE guide instantly!

You'll learn:

💎 The difference between using crystals in gem water and wearing/using them externally.

💎 How to prepare and use our 15 favorite crystal combinations for therapeutic treatments.

💎 How many crystals to use in gem water recipes.

💎 Signs to recognize the purity and quality of water.

💎 ...plus receive a special bonus gift from Gemstone Well! Enter your email now to get the free guide!

You’re invited to join the Gemstone Club! (for FREE!)

Join the 4000+ crystal enthusiasts who receive our best discounts, new videos, crystal guidance, and learn about the art & science of crystal healing each week. 

 The Crystal Healing Revolution Starts Here.

Years ago, our founders, Chris and Erin Leake began a worldwide movement to inspire people to explore the spiritual and metaphysical facets of crystals and how to use them as a healing tool. After years of research and practice, they've helped enthusiasts to discover Mother Earth's natural gifts.

They called it the Crystal Healing Revolution. To date, people of all ages have joined our Gemstone Club community, and become a part of this Crystal Healing Revolution.

Every day, this community of pro-age healing enthusiasts continues to grow—and inspires new generations to work with crystals. To our Gemstone community, healing with crystals is something to celebrate. It’s not something to be "accepted" or "put up with," but something to take pride in, to revel in, and to honor in every part of your life. We invite you to join us. 

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