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Welcome you into the Gemstone Well Family!

We are busy working on getting that ohm-worthy Gemstone Well items shipped right out to you. In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment and welcome you into the Gemstone Well Family! 

I'm so excited to welcome you to this fantastic group of people.

We have the BEST customers on mama Earth - people that are excited about the benefits and beauty of using crystals to enhance their wellbeing.

If you want to join the conversation—it's easy to connect with us by liking our Facebook page or clicking on Instagram. OR if you're going to get crystal clear on using crystals to promote wellness - then come hang out with us in the Crystal Club! 

I recently taught a class on our Facebook Page, responding to a question that we get a lot - "How do I create an effective and safe gem elixir?"

But I have to be honest...

I'm writing to do more than say hi.

I have something to ask of you…

It's a big favor…

Please have some fun with your new order!

Make sure to pop on over and help me get to know you by posting in on our Facebook page.

Then when your order arrives, you can dive right in, armed with some knowledge on how to use it best.

I look forward to talking soon.

Audrey Christie, MSN, RN, ACM

Team Gemstone Well 


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