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Free Healing Crystal Samples

Do you love a 💎  freebie?

Throughout the year, we offer free healing crystal samples, in exchange for your feedback.

Receive 100% back after you have purchased the item

Just buy, review and wait for your money to be rebated. This is paid within 24 hours of leaving feedback. (It works just like those mail-in rebates, only faster as the payments are made direct to you via ACH or PayPal).

You ask why do we do this?

Gemstone Well want people to try our items as we understand the power of word of mouth marketing. We wanted a better way to share our best and newest products with customers while building sales momentum.

By giving our supporters like you an amazing opportunity, we understand your feedback will help us to improve the product before hitting mainstream sales opportunities.

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In 2020, we have given away the following free healing crystal samples.

What people are saying about our free samples!

gemstone well testimonial

When i first found this site, I was skeptical. After I received my first rebate, I was super surprised how quick to receive. Not only that, the items I've received are quality. I've even become a customer of Gemstone Well since receiving my first free healing crystal sample - Jenny


gemstone well customer testimonial

This opportunity has become a win-win for Gemstone Well everyone who gets involved. I've received my first product which was amazing and I'm the waiting list for more - Kanchan


gemstonewell customer testimonial

I feel so luck to have found this webpage. Actually, since receiving my rebates, I have shared it with my friends. I get messages from them thanking me for the introduction to this opportunity. - Stefanie


Hundreds of customers have already received free products and their rebates!

Are you next?

Do you qualify?

1. Do you have an Amazon Prime Account? (If no, are you willing to pay any shipping costs if applicable?)

2. Are you based in Mainland USA?

3. Are you willing to provide feedback on the item/s?

If you answered 'YES' to all three questions, simply contact us requesting to be offered free 💎 .

We'd love to hear from you!

Our friendly help team can be reached by clicking this link.

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