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How To Choose Crystals: For Yourself And For Others

How to Choose Crystals

In this video, you'll learn how to choose crystals for yourself and for others.

We'll cover a few different ways to select crystals such as by using the scientific ways looking at the crystals properties, chromotherapy, either elements and colours or intuitive ways using your intuition, muscle testing and using a pendulum.

You'll learn everything you need to know about crystals and gemstones by crystal healing master, Audrey Christie. As a Functional and Integrative Nurse Nutritionist & Energy Medicine Practitioner, Audrey has a deep understanding of the science behind how and why crystals are beneficial to your human suit!

How to Choose the Right Crystals

In the video, Audrey mentions a few resources you may be use to choose the right crystals.  

Here are links:

The Book Of Stones

The Crystal Healer

Pendulum Magic For Beginners

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