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Copper Dowsing Rods And Manifesting Your Goals

Dowsing Rods



Fun Fact: Did you know copper dowsing rods are used by pipe-layers to identify where water leaks are?  

If you have ever wondered, it is possible to measure your crystal grid's energy and vibrations.

Copper dowsing rods are L-shaped rods made out of copper that can detect the energy. You have to build your own personal affirmation with the rods to recognize the type of life in your grid. 


 Manifesting Your Goals With Crystal Grid


When setting up your crystal grid it might be hard to translate your thoughts and affirmations into your grid.

One of Audrey’s most popular techniques is to rub your hands together whilst thinking about the thoughts and goals you want to manifest. 

After 10 seconds, very slowly move your hands apart to feel the tension and energy between your hands in order to place your thoughts within the space between your hands. By directing your fingertips towards the grid, you can transmit that energy towards your grid.


How To Activate A Crystal Grid

Watch Audrey activate a crystal grid.

Make sure to apply these tips and tricks to your own crystal grids to reap the powers the grid has to offer to its fullest.

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