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Gemstone Well Founders Chris and Erin LeakeGemstone Well is a story about a group of people unearthing fundamental truths of the universe.

Are you someone who understands, or at least is interested in learning more, about the powerful healing effects of crystals and gemstones? Maybe you know these things from an intuitive, metaphysical standpoint, or maybe from a more calculated, scientific standpoint. (And the more our knowledge of physics progresses, the more the lines between the two get blurred.)

Do you feel like a kid in a candy shop when you're in a store that sells gemstones? Do you spend spare time browsing the internet for information about crystal healing, watching videos and browsing online shops?

At any time have you thought, "If someone just made *this thing* it would be so great!" (Fill in the blank...such as "a gemstone water bottle whose stones can be swapped out", for instance.)

If any of this describes you, then you're a lot like us! And this is why we started Gemstone help spread the amazing benefits of gemstones and crystal healing as far and wide as possible. This is your place.

Erin is deeply sensitive and intuitive...her path into crystal healing has been through tuning into the subtleties of energy. Chris's path to understanding the effects of crystals has come from a more scientific perspective...with some gentle guidance from Erin along the way :-)

Together, we recognize that nature holds incredible healing wisdom and potential. Truths that were understood by world civilizations since antiquity, for a time neglected by western civilization, are being rediscovered.

Gemstone Well was conceived standing in our kitchen one day when Erin turned to me (Chris) and said, "We should make a crystal infused water bottle!" She proceeded to explain how many people (such as herself) have glasses and jars of water sitting around their kitchens with crystals next to them in order to create crystal elixir.

We did a little research, and it didn't take long to see the need. So many of you told us you would LOVE to have a gemstone water bottle that 1) is affordable, 2) lets you swap out the gemstones and use your own, and 3) protects you from dissolving gemstones by not having the stones touch the water.

And so the Elixir2Go bottle was born. Elixir2Go was just the first step, though. We are continuing to develop new products that make it easier to incorporate crystal health into everyday life. You'll be a part of determining what happens next.

Gemstone Well is for you. This story is yours as much as it is ours. We are writing it together.

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