Buy 1, Get 2 FREE!

Buy 1 Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle, Get 2 More for FREE!

Buy 1, Get 2 FREE!

How it Works

For the past four years, Gemstone Well have been producing high quality crystal water bottles at unbelievable prices while providing an excellent shopping experience.  We know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch?  It sounds too good to be true.  It’s hard to believe they would give away two bottles in each order.  

But that’s exactly what we do!

If you're reading this, this is a special promotion we are running for Christmas.  There are no restrictions with this promotion.  You can order as many bottles as you wish. You can keep all the bottles yourself or give to your family and friends as gifts.

Each bottle set includes: 17oz high-density borosilicate glass bottle, authentic certified crystals, protective neoprene sleeve.

You Pay:

$99.00 (Buy 1, Get 2 Free) Includes Free Shipping

Our Elixir2Go bottle is designed to carry gemstones/crystals in the small bottom chamber and water in the large, upper chamber.  Gemstones should never come into contact with your water as some stones can dissolve or the crystal could be polished with harmful substances.  Our bottles come recommended by  naturopathic doctors and healers to prepare crystal elixirs using our certified gemstone combinations.

Elixir2Go Variation!


Refunds are welcome for unused bottles within 30 days of purchase. Each bottle is covered by a lifetime warranty. We recognize with a glass bottle with gemstones in it, accidents do occur.  If the glass bottle breaks, your replacement glass is FREE; all you have to do is pay is shipping and handling.
Have a question, concern or compliment about our promotion?  Contact us at

Order today to guarantee delivery before Christmas.  


Amazing Gem Elixir!

Amazing Gift!

The Best Gift I Could Ever Asked!


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