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Let’s Learn About Gem Water Elixirs

If you have ever been intrigued by the healing qualities of crystals, you’ll be astonished to know, water can interact with such crystals to garner the benefits of their healing features. This type of water is called gem water or crystal elixir.

This method has been around for thousands of years. Gems, crystals and stones are known to radiate energy and vibrations into their surroundings. There is a large range of crystals with contrasting characteristics that can positively impact you in numerous ways. Reduced anxiety, calmness, increased self-confidence and health benefits are just a few of the well-known benefits drawn from gem water. However, it is important to point out that not all stones carry these benefits, some contain harmful materials, which is why water shouldn’t come in direct contact with the crystal.

Energy medicine expert Audrey Christie provides in-depth knowledge about gem water elixir, it’s healing properties, the meanings and practices to achieve a specific intention.

Here is a list of videos that you can find on this page.

Video 1 - Difference Between An Essence And An Elixir

Video 2 - How Do Gem Elixirs Work

Video 3 - How To Make Elixirs

Video 4 - Safety Precautions When Making Elixirs

Video 5 - Stones To Choose When Making Elixirs

Video 6 - Favorite Gem Elixir Combinations

Video 7 - Should You Put Water In The Bottom Chamber Of Your Water Bottle?

Video 8 - Best Book To Learn About Stones And Crystals

Video 9 - Using Flavored Water In Your Bottle

Video 10 - Favorite Elixir Stones And Crystals

Video 11 - Best Place To Buy Stones And Crystals

Video 12 - Different Types Of Ceremonies

Video 13 - Should You Change The Stones In Your Crystal Water Bottle

 Video 14 - Does The Size Of The Crystals Matter? 



Video 1 - What is the difference between essence water and elixir water? (2.02 min)

Gain in-depth knowledge on the difference between essence water and elixir water, their healing properties and meanings.

Video 2 - Learn how crystal elixirs work! (2.46 min)

Ever wanted to know how crystal elixirs work? Then watch this video as Audrey explains how water has a memory just like an elephant!

Video 3 - Three ways to create a gem elixir! (2.29 min)

These are super simple and sustainable techniques. These methods will create vibrational frequency in your elixir water.

Video 4 - Safety first! (4.53 min)

Some stones have toxins such as lead, copper and asbestos. Learn how to avoid putting these heavy poisons in your body using the in-direct method. The indirect method has been proven to be as effective.

Video 5 - What stones to choose when making crystal elixirs. (4.03 min)

We share with you 3 ways to choose the best stones to use. One of the techniques that Audrey recommends is The Book Of Stones


Video 6 - Favorite Gem Elixir Combinations (1.29 min)

Take a sneak peek into Audrey's favorite stone combinations and how to raise the vibrations.

Video 7 - Putting Water in the bottom chamber of your Elixir2Go crystal bottle. (39 seconds)

Learn if you should put water into the bottom chamber of the Elixir2Go crystal elixir bottle.

Video 8 - Do we recommend any books? (36 seconds)

We recommend the following reference book - The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons. This is Audrey's go-to guide.

Video 9 - Can you use flavored water in your crystal bottle? (57 seconds)

Audrey discusses the importance of drinking plenty of water and if flavored water is a safe option to receive the vibes. She also discusses Shungite.

Video 10 - What is the best stone to reduce stress and anxiety and the favourite gem water stone? (57 seconds)

Lepidolite is known as the stone to bring light and hope to a situation. Audrey explains how to create crazy water with this stone as one of the most effective crystals.

Video 11 - Where should I buy stones and crystals? (1.52 min)

Audrey shares her experience when it comes to buying stones and crystals. If it's cheap, most likely it's a scam. Consider buying at local gem shows and once a year, there is a big event in Tucson that has amazing gemstone stores that are reliable and trustworthy.

Gemstone Well prides ourselves in authenticity with the stones we sell. They are sourced from Brazil and hand-selected to ensure that they are genuine. 


Video 12 - Different Types Of Ceremonies (48 seconds)

Did you know that some people will use medication, prayer or even moon cycles to amplify the vibrations from the stones? Learn more by watching this video.

Video 13 - Should you change the stones in your crystal water bottle? (39 seconds)

There are no hard or fast rules for this answer. Depending on your situation, you can leave or change your stones in your in-direct bottle.

Video 14 - Does the size of your stones matter? (1.03 min)

It's true that the bigger the crystal, the more vibrational energy it can give, however, watch this video to learn more.

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